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A Linguistic Studies of "Fang(放) A Xie(些)" and the Main Strategy When It Teached in Teaching Chinese as the Second Language Field

Author ZhangWeiNa
Tutor LuoJinJun
School Central China Normal University
Course Chinese International Education
Keywords The linguistic structure of "fang(放) adjective xie (些) " Formal feature syntactic feature pragmatic feature total teaching method
CLC H146
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The Chinese structure "fang(放)Adjective xiel(些)”is referred as "fang(放)A xie(些)”,which can form a group of grammatical structures, including "fang(放)A xie(些)”,“N fang(放)A(些)”and "ba(把)N fang(放)A xie(些)”It expresses the meaning of controlling of one’s action, the adoption of a certain attitude, the achievement of some degree.This special language structure is commonly used both in putonghua and dialect. It is also frequently used in the oral and written language. But since it is so familiar with us that we only have a vague knowledge of it’s inner meaning and connotation. So this becomes a challenge when Chinese is taught as a foreign language.This thesis concentrates on the examination of the characteristic of this grammatical structure from dynamic and static aspect, and study this structure from three dimensions, that is superficial structure, inner meaning and using principle when speaking. At the same time semantic feature and valency theory, transformation analysis are used. Finally morphological features, syntactic forms, semantic relations, communicative functions of the structure were got.The first chapter discusses the morphologic features of this structure. It mainly focuses on the formal features and the semantic demanding of all the inner parts. It then draws a conclusion that this language structure is a verb-complement structure which takes "fang(放)”as a mark. In "A" only accepts prototype while in semantic only accept some special adjectives such as enthusiasm, subjective, controlled meaning. Affected by cultural and social factors, some words with expected goals specially the "A +N" structure also can enter.The second chapter focuses on its syntactic function which reflects the feature and meaning of a fixed structure. This thesis holds the idea that the "fang(放)A xie(些)"structure not only can be used exclusively as a sentence but also can be used as predicate, adverbial and complement in a sentence. It also can be used together with some modal verbs and mandatory verbs.The third part studies the pragmatic function of this structure and finds that this structure have some special functions:firstly, it has the feature of imperative, oral, predictive, adjustive and controllable in the semantic level; secondly, it is closely related to the subjects when used to express a certain tone. But it can express different tones as the subject changes from "you" "we" to "him"; thirdly, the tone can be different as the style varies.The fourth part compares this structure with some other related linguistic structures, which is helpful for us to have a deeper understanding of this structure.Finally, this paper discusses some problems which frequently occur when used by foreign students, and puts forward the corresponding solutions. All in all, this thesis aims to study this sentence structure with various methods. It tries to give a comprehensive and detailed analysis of this structure in the hope that it would be helpful for the Chinese teaching as a foreign language.

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