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A Study on the Development from Pidgin to Creole from the Angle of Biological Evolution

Author YaoLin
Tutor MaZhanXiang
School Inner Mongolia Normal
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Pidgin Creole Biological evolution Grammaticalization Language use
CLC H0-09
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Pidgin and Creole, also known as the lingua franca. The main reason for the emergence and development of language contact. Frequent contact in the language area, in order to achieve the purpose of the exchange and learning a universal language. This so-called the lingua franca often doped ingredients of their respective mother tongue, the syntax is very simplified. The pidgin is such a language. Ago, people used to refer to the languages ??of Chinese, Portuguese and British commercial trade contact now refers to. But this argument pidgin also left traces of Shanghai, China. Pidgin to a certain stage of development, that is, to become the child's native language, the only language input, Creole have come into being. From the point of view of language development, they are two different stages of the development of a language. The early mixed language research focuses study the formation and distribution, then it appears, crossover study with other disciplines, such as the Comparative Study of Second Language Acquisition. Scholar pidgin as (?) Original mother tongue, to study it from the perspective of language evolution. Described as the eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom. This article is based on the perspective of biological evolution to Darwin's theory of evolution as the basis, Pidgin (?) And Creole linked, that the development from pidgin to creole over (?) Is a similar to the process of biological evolution. The human brain is the material basis for evolution. This use of the results of previous studies, because of its own is undisputed. From the perspective lasted language (?), The pidgin developed to Creole is a syntax (?) Or pidgin said a fresh example of the syntax chemical. From a pragmatic point of view, this is a pragmatic inference process. That then trying how to put it more bluntly, so obedient to hear more clearly the process. This need to speak to the joint efforts of both sides. This (?) Force is to be made to conform to and select. To adapt to the context, including the the external communicative context of language and language within the language context. To conform to the structure. The language structure is a complex system to conform and selection must be a complex process, to make. This is a dynamic process, and is closely related to the level of participation of consciousness and language users. Development of pidgin to Creole is the language users make to conform to and selection process. This choice is not arbitrary control by the language users, but rather a kind of \Is the use of language itself to make a choice, rather than anyone can dominate. The pidgin developed to creole, did not come to an end. This evolutionary process continues. This is after mixed language sequence,, or Creole continuous flow. This is the Creole as close to the standard language. Pidgin to Creole's evolution to the great revelation of the English language learning and teaching. First of all, the language is in the use of language will gradually evolve. Secondly, attention should be paid to the selection and responsive on the context and language structure. A successful language learners actually be able to do to see what people say anything \

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