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Exploration of Huainanzi Aesthetics

Author ZhangYanPing
Tutor ZhaoJiMing
School Shanxi University
Course Aesthetics
Keywords Huainanzi Aesthetics Dao Heaven-Man Harmony Heaven-Man’s induction
CLC B83-09
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Huainanzi is a great works at the milestone from Zhu Zi Xue to Confucianism in the beginning of Han dynasty.It reflect that the beginning of Han dynasty let the wind of academic freedom blow. It assimilates various Philosophical thoughts. It summarizes the distillation of different Philosophical thoughts.its theory almost around "Heaven-Man Harmony". It synthetically studied Confucianism’s and Taoism’s The heaven-man relationship theory,refer to theory of Yin Yangjia, It proposed the theory based on Heaven-Man’s induction. Aesthetics in Huai Nan Zi was based on Heaven-Man Harmony. It consider that Dao gives birth to raises all things. Qi is the basis of life, source for vitality. The movement and changes of Yin Qi and Yang Qi have promoted the movement and changes of life.Dao is nature of.Humanbeing and sprit of life.So the Aesthetics of Huai Nan Zi is based on nature of life and Qi theory,and it present vibrant、lively、ethica、regular aesthetic realm. Huai Nan Zi paint a drawing of beauty in the nature、human being society. Nature is aesthetic object describes the impressive natural beauty.human is aesthetic subject, describes that Nature and Human Being Unite as One o for the sake of Heaven-Man Harmony, human have to follow rules of nature。The highest pursue of this image is" Tao", on the other hand to be promoted into saint bourn. Meanwhile, Huai Nan zi also discusses the beauty of human social order, Dao creat society,so society abide by Dao can keep the united order。Huainanzi reflects Taoism theory-dao, reflects Confucianism theory-good,and it believe in do-nothing can achieve Heaven-ManHarmony. Heaven-ManHarmony achieve the unification of Truth, Goodness, Beauty。

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