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Liuzongyuan Landscape Travel Creation Origin Theory

Author LiYun
Tutor LiZiGuang
School Inner Mongolia Normal
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords liu zongyuan Landscape travel Creation origin Zhuang SAO artistic conception
CLC I207.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Liu zongyuan landscape of exquisite, especially "travels YongZhou eight remember" is very beautiful, and the world’s favorite. By The author in this paper using graph method, comparison and logical induction, focusing on the creation of liu zongyuan landscape travels to thorough research, origin from the Angle of origin is deduced, new conclusion.Mainly by liu zongyuan landscape travel writing the influence of SAO zhuang."Chuang-tsz" liu zongyuan landscape of the influence of travel writing mainly displays in:first, use wonders of liu zongyuan’s travels have demonstrated landscape images zhuangzi detached from the outstanding independent affection; and Secondly, the decay in zhuangzi statements into tao, and further reveals that throughout the body and the tao eagled the relationship between throughout.Chu of SAO creative influence of liu zongyuan’s mountains-and-waters travel’s main displays in:liu zongyuan landscape travel chattering vanilla beauty borrow chu to express himself the loyalty of yu patriotic spirit. With evil grass image and a series of behavior image, showed lyric heroes act defying evil forces dared to fighting evil spirit of the political struggle. Liu zongyuan landscape travel also showed similar to qu yuan dedication, it mainly use the qu SAO’s type features to performance, such as lyric "YongZhou eight remember" together to see, you will find there are continuing on the strong lyric.Zhuang SAO for artistic conception on the influence of liu zongyuan landscape travel mainly displays inZhuang SAO, but the really can co-exist generated on literary works of artistic conception SAO zhuang does not see more. Liu zongyuan landscape travel are for reference, chattering zhuang in this paper and the generated has unique charm, thus making the artistic conception SAO zhuang liu zongyuan’s mountains-and-waters travel’s present a unique zhuang SAO beauty.So-called artistic conception, SAO zhuang both zhuang and SAO is the fusion sentiment and scene, to the point of blending. Zhuang SAO artistic conception have both zhuangzi’s elegant super lyrical characteristics and cleans qu yuan exceedingly sentimental lyrical characteristics, and both reunification together perfectly, with zhuang SAO beauty. Liu zongyuan, born in landscape travels outside the territory, so as, they are artistic conception. Its like the description in, exceedingly sentimental, give a person a kind of aesthetic feeling, it is the dramatic effect of by SAO type lyrical and of generation. And like all the rest of the KuoDa, give a person a kind of super desert feeling, it is the influence of by zhuang type lyrical generated. So, two different emotions and two different lyric in a unified manner common such artistic conception is zhuang SAO artistic conception. And in artistic conception present different aesthetic feeling, we call zhuang SAO beauty. In addition, the liu zongyuan landscape travels in shaping the artistic conception, SAO zhuang and its own unique pattern, its mode consists of two types: witness type and pneumatic type.Liu zongyuan landscape travels to SAO zhuang creative influence of, still behave in realm. Liu zongyuan travel journal has three levels:landscape for a.committed self unyielding borders; For a state fawning ministers who SIMS; Body for a state ways.The above is the performance liu zongyuan landscape travel writing, it is a kind of phenomenon, we also see the essence through the phenomena, reveal the liu zongyuan landscape travel writing background and reason.The creation of liu zongyuan landscape travels by liu zongyuan’s personal life and cultural background effects. It is mainly reflected in family education, political reform was demote, literary theory culture and ancient prose movement.

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