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Domain Name Real-Name System Management in China

Author LiJunHui
Tutor LiJianWei
School China University of Political Science
Course Civil and Commercial Law
Keywords Domain name The real-name system Management Law
CLC F49;D923.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The real-name system, or the real-name system management in the real world or traditional social people to carry out a series of social activities, the inevitable will be involved to some of the real-name system management, for example, the personal life savings, stocks, funds and other financial business start-up application, etc. It can be said, the real-name system, or the real-name system management into all aspects of every aspect of our social reality or traditional society. Anonymity once the features and characteristics of the Internet's largest network of social or virtual society, 'in the sense that the anonymity of the maximum guarantee of the exercise of the rights of the vast number of people in the Internet, such as freedom of speech criticize and supervise the government. However, we must also see that the anonymity brought convenience to people, but also illegal and criminal activities to the network of soil, some unscrupulous people on the internet insult, defame others, some people use the Internet, various types of fraud, some people use the Internet to spread all kinds of harmful speech, some people use the Internet to obtain illegal gains dissemination of pornographic information, we can say, civil rights, national security, public order and the maintenance of the public interest in the network environment is facing more and more challenge. Emerging network society or virtual social various social and legal issues, prompting countries to rethink and look at the Internet, have to seriously explore the play to the positive value of the Internet at the same time, how to effectively avoid its negative effects. Address and resolve new social problems and legal disputes of all kinds network society or virtual society, the real-name system management as the core concept of top-level design increasingly policy makers recognized and accepted, and began in all aspects of the field of Internet governance gradually implemented. December 2009, in response to the increasing proliferation of online pornographic and vulgar information, in order to purify the Internet environment, enhance network management, national nine ministries jointly launched a \As the starting point of the foundation of the Internet management, domain management is raised to unprecedented heights, central management of long-awaited NRS envisaged pilot, began to take the lead in the national domain management domain name real-name system management after a year of practice, our national domain name The real name rate fell swoop jumped to 97%, to become the country with the highest rate worldwide domain name real-name system for the full implementation of the NRS management has accumulated valuable experience. In this paper, a sample of our domain name real-name system management, and proceed from the perspective of technology, policy, management, global perspective examines the domain name was born, gave birth to the various problems in the development process, explore sound and consolidate the achievements of the domain name real-name system management from a legal perspective, explore the problems and difficulties encountered in the implementation of our domain name real-name system management, legal advice and programs in line with China's national conditions, in order to promote our domain management, domain name real-name system management as soon as possible onto a legal track. As we all know, the domain name is not only a product of human social development, the product of the development of computer network technology, its natural to have a lot of technical features and characteristics. Use legal means to them dissect and analyze, if you ignore the technical nature or characteristics, is bound to affect our judgment and analysis of its accuracy. Therefore, within my power, try to avoid too technical premise, this article introduced the appropriate technical concepts or terminology, such as the Domain Name System, DNS, its purpose is to better domain name domain name management involves interpretation.

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