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A Sociological Study on Rural Residents’ Demolish the Traditional Houses

Author YinJuan
Tutor YaoZhaoYu
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Sociology
Keywords Rural residents Traditional houses Demolish Social transformation
CLC C912.82
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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At present, our social and economic development, as emphasis on three dimensional rural issues, the quickening pace of rural development. Accompanied with the improvement of the lives of farmers, a lot of the traditional houses were removed. These traditional houses are from in the coordination of social, cultural and natural environment, suitable to live, have some historical and cultural value. So, why dismantle the house that compatible with the geographical and have cultural value. What urge rural residents on removal of traditional houses to build new houses. The concern of academia is limited to folklore and architecture. The study of this phenomenon based on sociology and individual behavior is extremely lacking. Therefore, this study chosen Hu village, Jixi county, Anhui province as study sites and chosen the behavior of removal of traditional houses as research object. By interviewing, author comprehensive understanded of the features of the traditional houses and the composition of existing houses, analyzed the reasons of removal of traditional houses. This study analyzed the logic of the behavior of removal of traditional houses, based on the background of social transformation and the growth of modern and rational.Research shows:Traditional architectures conceived in unique geographical and cultural environments have local adaptation. But as time changes, architectural style was changed. Traditional houses are disappearing. Residential architecture is more and more modern. The main houses in Hu Village built in the nineties of last century. There are three forms of traditional residential demolition in Hu village:completely destroyed to build a new house; demolish part and the surplus used in conjunction with the new house; demolish to sell. The behavior of removal of traditional houses to build new houses is relate to modernity and rationality of farmers increased in the context of social transformation. The behavior of removal of old houses is not only individual acts, but also the results of social changes in social structure. From the economy perspective, the relationship between cities and villages making material and cultural flow frequently. In rural areas, economic development, material wealth, rural residents’ income is increasing, to provide a material conditions for removal of traditional houses. The high prices of selling traditional houses induce removal of traditional houses of rural residents. From the cultural perspective, consumer attitudes of rural residents are becoming modern; the family authority is moving down; the intention from face-saving culture and the local complex disappear. So, rural residents do not want to live in traditional houses but to choose to remove them. From the social perspective, the modernization of rural residents’lifestyle; the diversification of family structure; the changes of marriage customs urge rural residents to remove traditional houses.

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