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The Research of Problem Behaviors and Way to Handle Them of Secondary Vocational School Students

Author LiuZuo
Tutor ShiWeiPing;KuangZuo
School East China Normal University
Course Vocational and Technical Education
Keywords Vocational students Problem behavior Handling problem behavior Problem behavior analysis framework
CLC G718.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Speaking of the current vocational students, the public always a kind of \moral quality poor \On the surface, vocational students did show a lot of problem behaviors, such as smoking, fighting, plagiarism operations, puppy love, etc. However, the question whether the behavior can be evaluated in the vocational students' moral deviation \In the ordinary high school student who also has the performance of public opinion on why no ordinary high school students to form a \constitute the starting point of this article. This study suggests that, to answer these questions, you must correctly analyze the problem behavior as a precondition, so researchers around the \The first is the main problem behaviors vocational students own research. Through research reflect the current vocational students widespread problem behavior, revealing the various factors affecting behavior problems. The second main line is the teachers deal with students' problem behaviors discussed. Show the teachers deal with students with problem behavior attitudes, modalities and treatment effects, revealing the process of teachers in dealing with problem behavior problems. Two main lines respectively, from students, teachers, two main departure for the correct analysis of the problem behavior provide the basis. Qualitative research study, supplemented with quantitative research. The author uses interviews and questionnaires in Shanghai, 12 vocational schools conducted an investigation. Research results show that the current vocational students mainly for late problem behavior, truancy, absenteeism, copying jobs, smoking, fighting, puppy love, etc., the typical problem behaviors including plagiarism jobs, drinking, puppy love, smoking, borrow money without, truancy, gambling. Around a typical problem behavior author has collected seven cases, based on the extent of case representation and data integrity are two main factors to consider to determine the paper presents three cases of problem behaviors: smoking repeated incidents caused due to love and frequent fights Replace boyfriend events. Through the case of raw data analysis, the author identified the problem behavior factors affecting teachers' problem behavior approach, the treatment effect of problem behavior, teacher attitudes, teachers judged five problem behavior analysis dimension. Through case analysis, the factors affecting student behavior problems are many, which occupies an important psychological factors in the location, environmental factors also have a significant impact. Teachers and students usually talk, please help educate parents, penalties or administrative sanctions in three ways deal with the problem behavior, but the effect of different cases are processed differently. Vocational teachers deal with problem behavior following problems: grasp of the information is not comprehensive, the lack of understanding of students' mental; lack of problem behavior analysis; handling single, lack of relevance; teacher forced by the pressure of management education. Result of teachers in dealing with student behavior problems when there is a problem for many reasons, from the teachers' perspective, by the experience of teachers, students stereotype realize their own identity, teacher-student relationships and the impact of education. From vocational school level, students focus on moral education in schools to develop a code of conduct and a code of conduct is equivalent to moral education, moral understanding led to the deviation. Schools will also determine students' behavioral norms as whether problem behavior standards, resulting in a single criterion problem behavior. Teachers and vocational schools belong to a practical level, and from the theoretical point of view, moral meaning is unclear, vague standards is the root cause. Based on the analysis of the cases the problem behavior, drawing on moral education innovation analysis framework, based on this study, vocational students build problem behavior analysis framework. Framework includes psychological factors, moral factors, educational factors and the accompanying factors in four major areas, incidental factors into schools and specific factors, family factors, teacher-student relationships, peer relationships, situational five parts. Vocational students in problem behaviors in a diverse analytical framework perspective on problem behaviors vocational students can help teachers objective and accurate analysis of problem behavior, so as to find ways to provide the basis for appropriate treatment. In the treatment of problem behavior, the teacher in addition to vocational students with problem behavior analysis framework of this tool, it should be accurate, comprehensive collection of student information, eliminating the impact of stereotypes, truly, \way to educate students. For vocational schools, will have to focus on the real moral moral education, moral education a fundamental importance, and in the words and deeds of the same specification standardized student teacher's words and deeds, so that teachers do play the role model.

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