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The Revision of Emotional Creativity Iventory for College Students and the Relation between Emotional Creativity and Big Five Personality

Author SangJianZuo
Tutor LinFengXun
School Jinan University
Course Developmental and Educational Psychology
Keywords Emotional creativity Big Five Personality Confirmatory factor analysis Revised questionnaire
CLC G444
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In 1991, Averill and Thomas-Knowles formally proposed the concept of emotional creativity, defined as: \In this definition reflects the three standards defined emotional creativity, namely novelty, validity and authenticity of the emotional experience and emotional expression. Currently, our emotions and creativity more, but the emotional aspects of creativity research in China is still very small. This article is aimed at combing the basis of the course of development of the emotional creativity, the first elaborate on the concept and characteristics of the emotional creativity, and thus the mood creativity questionnaire prepared by Averill (Emotional Creativity Iventory, referred to ECI) Amendment, for follow-up study to provide a measurement tool, followed by the application of emotional creativity questionnaire to explore the characteristics of the Emotional creativity, and analysis of the emotional creativity, the Big Five personality scale analysis of personality characteristics of individuals with emotional creativity. This study selected from the four college students in Jinan and Shanghai as of 1150. Analysis of survey data using SPSS16.0 statistical software and AMOS7.0 package. The research topics include: 1 of emotional creativity scale revision; Investigation the emotional creativity characteristics of the student population; 3 to examine the relationship between emotional creativity and personality of college students from various angles. Results: 1, the final the revised completion emotional creativity questionnaire contains 26 questions, preparatory dimension contains seven questions, the novelty dimension contains 13 questions, the real effectiveness dimension contains six questions. The revised questionnaire has good reliability and validity, the dimension of the preparatory novelty dimension and real the effectiveness dimension Cronbachα coefficient 0.739,0.799,0.710 Questionnaire total score alpha coefficient of .828; each dimension of the sub- half reliability coefficients range between 0.721 to 0.761. Better construct validity of the questionnaire, the indicators were: The χ ~~ 2/df = 2.93, RMSEA = 0.061, AGFI = 0.960, CFI = 0.984 2, visits the emotional creativity characteristics of the student population, differential emotional create the force overall no significant gender differences; college students emotional creativity grade differences exist in different dimensions, performance for the the emotional creativity freshman score and subscales scores are generally higher than the sophomore and junior students. The emotional creativity score and prepare subscale score on freshman students was significantly higher than the sophomore, junior, and freshman novelty subscale score significantly higher than sophomore; college students emotional creativity does not exist professional differences; college students emotional creativity exist in different dimensions of the family seat of the differences, the performance of urban students and rural students emotional creativity significant differences exist in ready and novelty subscale score, but in the real effectiveness of dimension towns students and rural students no significant differences, there are significant differences in general; does not have a significant difference in the region. 3 Application emotional creativity questionnaire to analyze the relationship between emotional creativity and personality, the emotional creativity at the same time using the simple version of the Big Five Personality Questionnaire revised Surveying of 450 subjects from Shanghai and Jinan. Emotional creativity questionnaire three dimensions and the total score and the dimension and the total score of the Big Five Personality Questionnaire different degree of correlation, the correlation coefficient ranges from 0.140 to 0.506: preparatory to extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, openness reach the .01 level was significantly associated; novelty to extraversion, openness reach the .01 level was significantly associated with other dimensions related not reach a significant level; the true validity with the Big Five personality questionnaire each the relevant dimensions also have reached a significant level; canonical correlation analysis found the effect is greater than the effect of the personality trait of emotional creativity emotional creativity personality; college students personality further high group and low group in differences in emotional creativity found that individuals with different personality traits are not the same performance on the emotional creativity.

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