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Research on Stability of Networked Control System with Uncertain Time-delay

Author MaWeiHao
Tutor JinChaoYong
School Guangdong University of Technology
Course Applied Mathematics
Keywords Uncertainty Delay Network Control System (NCS) Linear matrix inequality (LMI) State feedback Lyapunov function
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Network Control System (Networked control system NCS) is a set of communication network and control system in one system. Involved in mechanical and electrical engineering, software engineering, control theory, computer science, information theory, and reliability theory knowledge disciplines of knowledge. With the rapid development of science and technology, the network began to be applied in many areas of control, the scope of application of the network is constantly expanding, such as teleoperation field, remote teaching and experimental fields, DC control systems, weapons and ordnance systems field the field of telemedicine and home and office automation field. Therefore, the methods of exploration and the establishment of a more comprehensive research network control system is forced in Meiji major, is a necessity in today's society in various fields, further research has a very important strategic and practical significance of the network control system. However, since the network is introduced in the control system, so that the traditional method of control system is no longer applicable to the network control system, with respect to the traditional control system, the network control system is mainly characterized in that the system of sensors, controllers and actuators are not a direct point-to-point connection, but via a wired network or a wireless network to exchange data and control information, and therefore the system has many unique features. These characteristics also determine the research network control system and the control system is not the same, so, it must be in accordance with the characteristics of the network control system, the system for more in-depth understanding and analysis, and then take effective research methods, design right control algorithm to solve some practical problems of great practical significance. This paper studies the modeling and stability analysis of networked control systems with uncertain delay of the delay network control system modeling, the use of Lyapunov stability theory, combined with the knowledge of the linear matrix inequalities , gives a sufficient condition for the delay system stability. The main contents are as follows: 1. Study some of the reasons that caused the delay of the network control system and associated with network latency data packet loss, packet disorder and other related issues. These issues will become important factors affect network control system performance, the understanding of these factors is conducive to better analysis of the system. A constant delay network control system stability analysis were analyzed. Establish model description given constant delay network control system, it is assumed that the sensor nodes time driver, controller node and actuator nodes for event-driven, with constant delay network control system into a linear with parameter uncertainty discrete systems, the use of the the Lyapunov method gives sufficient conditions for the closed-loop system is asymptotically stable, and solved using LMI prove the feasibility of the method, steady delay network control system for the next chapter of uncertainty The study laid the foundation of the delay network control system. 3. Study the stability of networked control systems with uncertain delay. Uncertain the delay network control system, it is assumed that the transmission delay is uncertain, the sensor uses time-driven, the controller and actuator are event-driven, discretization of the system model, by constructing a Lyapunov function, combined with the linear the knowledge matrix inequality (LMI), to analyze the stability of the system, gives a sufficient condition for stability of the system, the last example was given MATLAB simulation proved the correctness of the conclusion, the results obtained with the existing compared to some literature can make the system faster stabilized state. Finally the contents of this paper summarizes the prospect, and networked control system stability studies.

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