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R&D of Motion Control System for Autonomous Soccer Robot

Author KuangJianHui
Tutor YangYiMin
School Guangdong University of Technology
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords RoboCup middle-size league autonomous soccer robot ARM dsPIC motion control
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Soccer robot as one of the most challenging problem in the field of intelligent robots, has rapid development in recent years. It has been concerned by many researchers in china and abroad, and has become a research hotspot in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. Soccer robot competition in the middle size league of RoboCup is a typical full-autonomous soccer robot competition platform. The middle size league in order to achieve fully autonomous, the visual system and decision-making system are not designed as a centralized structure but distributed structure. We can do research such as structural design of autonomous agents, multi-agent coordination, real-time reasoning and decision-making mode, robot learning, computer vision, sensor fusion technologies etc on the autonomous soccer robot platform. Soccer robot is a sports competition with high-tech as the carrier, it is not only important means to cultivate talents in information and automation fields, but also a vivid window to display high-tech and effective way to promote technological development. So, the research significance of autonomous soccer robot is far-reaching.In recent years, some domestic universities and research institutions have joined the research team in the RoboCup competition. The robot performance of each team is improving year by year. However, almost all the teams have the limitations like starting braking are too long, action accuracy and speed is not high enough, braking torque is not strong, the robot stability is not high, there are often not controlled phenomenon and other shortcomings. In order to finish the task in the competition, autonomous soccer robot requires a high reliability and good performance motion control system. Motion control is the control of mobile robots by trajectory planning, the quality of control has a direct impact on the performance of the robot, so motion control is the most important part in the Robot system. The primary contents of this paper are as follows:(1) Hardware design of motion control system for full-autonomous soccer robot Did analysis of autonomous soccer robot motion control system design requirements, proposed a robot motion control system architecture based on ARM and dsPIC microchip. Described the work and design process of hardware functional unit in the motion control system in detail. The hardware functional unit includes:motor controller module, wheel speed distribution controller module, motor drive module, motor encoder disk interface module, serial communication module, power module, electronic compass, accelerometer, gyroscope and dribble machine.(2) Software design of motion control system for full-autonomous soccer robotThe dissertation analyses the software design requirements, introduces the development environment, and describes the software designing of motion control system. The software of motion control system includes following modules:Embedded Linux system clipping and migration, the file system migration, driver, motor speed regulation programming, decoupling control programming and so on. Studied and proposed a algorithm of DC motor speed regulation base on Fuzzy-BPNN-PID composite controller and a algorithm of decoupling control based on velocity compensate controller.(3) Experimental study of motion control system for full-autonomous soccer robotDid modeling and simulation analysis of robot’s motion control system in the MATLAB-Simulink environment, test the feasibility of the algorithm of DC motor speed regulation base on Fuzzy-BPNN-PID composite controller and the algorithm of decoupling control based on velocity compensate controller. And finally programmed in the S3C2440A and four dsPIC chip hardware platform according to the algorithm. The experiments show that the robot can be more rapid, accurate and reliable to follow the desired trajectory, can meet all the requirements of soccer robot competition.At the end of this dissertation, the main research is summarized. It makes out the main research results, and also the problems which need to further research.

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