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GPU-based Terrain Rendering in Chinese Painting Style

Author ChenZuo
Tutor WangZuoXuan
School Jilin University
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Non-photorealistic rendering GPU Terrain rendering Chinese Painting Color gradation
CLC TP391.41
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In recent years, in graphics technology, Photorealistic Rendering technology cannot fully meet people’s requirements. Non-photorealistic rendering has become more important, because of its wide application in computer graphics.The research of is divided into two types. First, in the 2D space, people can use drawing tools such as brushes and so on, painting like artists use a real pen, create a variety of different styles picture. Second, people can create scenes in the 3D space. Now, with the progress in this technology, in the education, entertainment, arts and other fields, NPR’s application has become more widespread. The research of this paper is about how to use NPR in the 3D scenes.In China, Chinese Ink Painting has handed down thousands of years. It has been the focus of the study of Non-photorealistic rendering. This paper is not just as an analog of the end of the Chinese painting style, but committed to finding an effective way to combination the Chinese painting with terrain. This examination extends the scope of application of non-photorealistic graphics.In the beginning of this design, I read a lot of literature on the ink simulation, comparing with domestic and foreign research, the current study focused primarily on the attention the evolution of model-based simulation of ink style, style of learning through art, pen or paper in the analysis of road and other means to create the art of ink painting style. For real-time and generic considerations, I selected different ways with the former that is to avoid the performance of Chinese painting in the texture strokes to create an effect similar to freehand ink painting. Greatly improving the operation speed, making it possible for real-time, this discussion is a wide range of applications can be directly applied to the game scene as a background to use, or integration into the performance scene in the film.Based on the ultimate goal of this paper, we design some of the terrain and terrain Chinese Ink Painting rendering of two main modules.In the terrain module, I design a terrain which is great for Chinese Ink Painting rendering. I select the Midpoint Displacement to create terrain height map generation. because the algorithm suitable for generating continuous hills, while allowing an unlimited extension of the terrain. Processing using the terrain quad-tree LOD way, the camera cut manner, simplify the number of terrain triangles space.In the Chinese Ink Painting rendering module, it has two small modules, render the outline and internal rendering. In this paper, the outline based on the free surface rendering techniques, that is, in point of view and the terrain near the border area tangent to a threshold set in the appropriate range, contour points are marked. Blooming is used with the result of the operation view vector dot product normal of terrain, On the basis of the basic color gradation, in this paper, there were two improvements, through the Gaussian filter to preprocess the original gradation is smoother color gradation over. By observing the works of art based on the characteristics of Chinese Painting Ink, by interpolation and by way of re-Levels so that the resulting effect is more a change of ink-like effect of the actual situation, and ultimately achieve a similar impressionistic terrain rendering.The algorithm designed in this paper were implemented on the GPU, later in the DirectX10 version, T&L has been canceled, the use of programmable hardware, high-level language written in HLSL vertex shader and pixel shader, full use of Hardware programming convenience, the advantages of a flexible, complete text of the texture, terrain processing, improve the efficiency of the implementation process, through the GPU, graphics, image processing is the future mainstream of development.This study extends the scope of application of Chinese Painting rendering, graphics processing through the GPU is the future mainstream of development. At the same time, through this research, such technology can be extended to analog, or other styles such as watercolor, stylized technology principle is similar.

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