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Effectiveness of the University Ideological and Political Education under the Construction of Harmonious Society

Author JiangSu
Tutor GongJianPing
School East China Normal University
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords harmonious society ideological and political education effectiveness
CLC G641
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The construction of socialism harmonious society is a huge task put forward by the central government from the perspective of building well-being society and exploring a brand new look of socialism with Chinese characteristics, of which, ideological and political education of university student is an acceleration of socialism harmonious society. Globalization and scientific and technology development have provided an extensive platform for the healthy development of university students, which brings up a higher requirement and challenge for effective conduction of their ideological and political education. Therefore, teachers not only conducts the education with related theories of constructing harmonious society but also refer to the current situation, trying to explore a new way benefiting for the education, which meets the needs of social development and contributes to the socialism harmonious society.This paper is carried out in the background of advocating constructing socialism harmonious society and guided by the regulations launched by the central government on improving ideological and political education. The major theoretical line of this paper is the analysis of major element and function influencing ideological and political education of university students under the circumstance of socialism harmonious society with the approach of investigations and researches on the topic and some strategic ideas based on the effectiveness of ideological and political education of university students are put forward.The main structure of the thesis is as follows:the first part is a brief analysis on the position of ideological and political education of university students. Under the circumstance, position of the education has to be consistent with the inner requirement of building harmonious society, fully presenting the idea of human-oriented, complete development, harmony and unification, which is also a new requirement for the education. Human-oriented is carried out to enhance self-independence of the university students; practice education is to encourage initiative work; innovation is to cultivate their comprehensive ability, all above is the objective and orientations of ideological and political education in harmonious society. The second part is narration of the condition of ideological and political education in harmonious society from positive and negative perspective. According to the investigations, university students nowadays are positive and asking for progress with increasing morality standard. Ideological and political education gives full play to social effect. In other words, students with vague goals will be greatly influenced by internet and multi-diversity that need psychological counseling. Therefore, we have to enhance the effectiveness of ideological and political education to further extent to meet the demand of students’development and social progress.The third part goes to analysis of current condition of the ideological and political education of university students from the perspective of effectiveness of education under the circumstance of harmonious society. It comes to the analysis to the main body, methodology, psychology and situation of the education with the influence brought by the elements, which is interacted with the education itself on the whole.The fourth part is a strategic consideration. According to the previous analysis, opportunities and challenges of ideological and political education of university students are supposed to be realized from objective and dynamic perspective with the "human oriented" education concept, which is consistent with the features of current university students and their innovative development. Concept of humanism and sense of participation should deeply implanted in students’mind, which will be helpful for the unification of personal and impersonal harmony of university students, constructing ideological and political education system to improve the effectiveness and realize the final goal of socialism harmonious society.

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