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A Research on the Virtual Team Performance Management

Author ZhangChengBing
Tutor WangXueDong
School Central China Normal University
Course Information Science
Keywords Virtual teams Performance Management Lifecycle
CLC F272
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the development of economic globalization, information network technology, some organizations initiated a new organizational form of virtual teams, in order to adapt to the dynamic changes in the external environment. In a virtual team, members of the different cultural backgrounds dispersed in space and time may be asynchronous virtual, borderless network platform to work on, mainly through electronic information communication technology (e-mail, video conferencing, etc.) to coordinate the work. With the growing number of organizations using virtual teams to complete the project, performance management is the majority of the project owner must perform. Virtual team performance management still follow the traditional pattern, is not conducive to play to their strengths. As the main object of study, virtual team performance in human resources theory, literature research, comparative study of the difference between virtual teams and team performance level, summarized the behavioral characteristics of virtual team performance. Follow the systematic analysis of the idea from start to finish, and to guide the paper layout, ensure that the paper architecture scientific rigor and logic. First analyze the research object, build a virtual team performance management system, combined with the implementation of the life cycle theory, the last areas for improvement in the implementation, proposed the implementation of countermeasures. This paper is divided into seven parts: The first chapter introduces the background and research purposes, a virtual team of economic development of a new organizational structure came into being. Thesis research methods and technology roadmap. Chapter II, made a virtual team performance management concepts explained. Virtual team performance management connotation, and come to the special nature of the performance management of virtual teams, virtual team performance level, by contrast with the traditional team performance virtual team performance behavior characteristics been described. Chapter III, the management of the virtual team performance management object from the object of the study team and member organizations of the small team of core organizations and member organizations. Performance structure there are many different theories, combined with the study of the organizational structure of the virtual team, and organization behavior characteristics, the performance of the virtual team acts as the completion of the task, relationship building capacity of key performance dimensions. Chapter 4, virtual team performance management system to build virtual team performance of the two types of stakeholders, from the main assessment, assessment principles, evaluation content, divided into antecedent factors from the analysis of influencing factors, these factors affect performance and dynamic factors, combined with the characteristics of the virtual team tasks and team development needs, describe the factors in the performance of the role and the ideal state. Assessment indicators from the behavioral task-based indicators, relational indicators, capacity indicators to describe. The performance assessment process from formulation containing performance plan, performance coaching, performance feedback, performance appraisal, performance results. The fifth chapter is the focus of this article, combined with the virtual team life cycle theory, the implementation of virtual team performance management system, the preparation period of five stages in the life cycle, the start-up period, operating period, the development of the restructuring period for performance management, described in the corresponding stage of performance management tasks to implement the intervention performance tasks to improve their performance. Chapter 6, through a virtual team performance implementation, and special level of virtual team performance from the team, the performance of the implementation team found the problem of providing performance improvements, the first is the behavior of the team members will conflict, the use of conflict, and then to obtain the the operator enhance the ability to integrate corporate behavior involved in virtual teams, the third aspect of the team through competency-based, that is, the overall behavior of the staff assessment of competency-based pay philosophy to manage the team. Chapter VII Summary and Outlook. Through the performance management system, to study the life cycle theory-based virtual team performance management related tasks. In this paper, the analysis of virtual team performance level, virtual team performance management objects, to determine the object of evaluation, performance management system for virtual teams, combined with the life cycle theory, the performance of virtual teams to enhance the implementation of specific tasks in the process improve their performance.

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