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Bran juice lactic acid fermented beverage Production Research

Author LiBing
Tutor ZhangBaoShan
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Of Food Science
Keywords Bran Jujube Enzyme curved composite hydrolysis Lactic acid fermentation Crafts
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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China is the largest producer of wheat, in recent years, wheat production has reached over 100 million tons, up to more than 20 million tons annually processed wheat bran. Cheap bran in the market, plenty of raw materials. Bran is rich in protein, dietary fiber, minerals and carotene and other nutrients, is the the human ideal food raw materials. Bran taste the idea directly to food difficult to digest and absorb Therefore, most can only be used as animal feed, rarely used as a human functional foods. Jujube is a food and medicine used along with fruit, nutritious, high food value and medicinal value, soothe the nerves and spleen, kidney, cough, lowering blood pressure and other functions. Jujube high sugar content, can promote the growth of lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid the fermented sour more soft drinks can also make more comprehensive nutrition as a carbon source. The research concentrated bran and jujube nutrition and health function and lactic acid bacteria fermented advantage bran juice lactic acid fermentation process conditions and parameters. Production of bright color, sweet and sour suitable mellow taste and rich nutrition. The papers enzyme song the composite law hydrolyzed wheat bran preparation bran juice, mixed with juice, bran jujube juice, lactic acid fermented beverage subjected to lactic acid fermentation production, the main findings are as follows: 1. Aspergillus niger C27, Rhizopus oryzae C231 the Aspergillus oryzae C16, Aspergillus oryzae of Konno strain C479 (now the wild Aspergillus) four kinds of Aspergillus hydrolyzed wheat bran, the results show that the Konno Aspergillus bran Hydrolysis best and more suitable for lactic acid fermentation. The optimum enzyme curved composite hydrolysis bran: add 0.4% glucoamylase amount of 7% in 30 min, 60 ° C glycated bran hydrolyzed wheat bran and then Konno Aspergillus C479 made the song, the song, 30 ° C Handling 4 d. Bran juice after hydrolysis reducing sugar content of 19.63 g / L, amino acid nitrogen content of 1.32 g / L. 2 Lactobacillus bulgaricus (Lb), single strain of Streptococcus thermophilus (St) and Lactobacillus plantarum (Lp) 3 strains and strains between mixed strains of lactic acid fermentation of bran jujube juice. The results showed that the strains Lb: St = 1:1 fermentation strains of lactic acid fermentation, the best fermentation acid production after 30 h of 0.9g/100ml. Bran jujube juice lactic acid fermentation process conditions. Optimized by orthogonal experiment: bran juice jujube juice by volume ratio of 1:2 mix, Lb and St mixed lactic acid bacteria inoculum size 8%, fermentation initial sugar 11 %, fermentation temperature of 40 ° C. Click the process after fermentation, the juice lactic acidity of 0.93g/100ml. Bran juice lactic acid fermented beverage recipe: fermented juice with water by volume than the 1:10 dilution, the amount of sucrose add 50% of the added amount of NaCl 0.3%, 0.1% of the addition of glycerol production in this recipe drinks, products sweet and sour taste, unique flavor. Of natural clarify clarified by centrifugation and diatomite clarify the law to clarify the bran jujube lactic acid fermentation beverage, results show that the centrifuge 3000r/min centrifugal 12min, to clarify the effect is superior to other methods. With different sterilization methods, combined with drinks sensory evaluation, determine bran jujube lactic acid fermentation beverage sterilization temperature of 85 ° C, time 10min appropriate. Bran juice enzyme curved treatment compared with the control, reducing sugars, amino acids, nitrogen, and 16 kinds of amino acids were significantly improved; lactic acid fermentation process, bran jujube lactic acid fermentation juice acidity and amino acids content have increased; another, bran mixed with red dates also promote the complementarity of various amino acids, more balanced nutrition drinks.

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