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Pilot Study on Complex Pellets with Double Activities of Immunity and Microecology

Author ZhaoShengMing
Tutor LiuJingSheng
School Jilin Agricultural University
Course Of Food Science
Keywords Bifidobacterium immune colostrum pellet extrusion-spheronization fluidized-bed air suspending coating
CLC TS201.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The number of Bifidobacterium was the most in intestinal probiotics, it had maintained a harmonious symbiotic relationship with Person’s life, and it was the dominant bacteria in the healthy individuals’ intestinal canals with the physiological functions of nutrient facilitation depressing the pathogenic bacteria, increasing immunity、anti-aging and Anticancer, etc. Immune colostrums was rich in active functional components, such as immunoglobulin (mainly IgG) and growth factors, they not only had the inhibitions of Intestinal pathogenic microorganisms, but also had the functions of inflammatory action、Anticancer、lowering blood pressure、radioresistance、anti-aging, etc. Both the activities of Bifidobacterium and immunoglobulin retainded a little that extremely limited the development of health food with Bifidobacterium and immunoglobulin. In order to make them avoid from Stomach digestion and access to the intestinal canals successful. Utilizing extrusion spheronization progress and air suspension coating technology to study the mainly process of Bifidobacterium and immune colostrums complex micro-capsule technology on Pilot scale and had laid a good foundation for such products to industrialization.1. The results of immune colostrum fermentation characteristics of the pilot test by Bifidobacterium and the changes of IgG in fermentation process showed that, the number of maximum living bacteria was 3.60×109cfu/mL when fermentation time was 7h, the activity of IgG remained unchanged in fermentation process and the titer was 210, which was the base of the preparing of the complex pellets of Bifidobacterium and immune colostrum.2. Using the comprehensive evaluation of pellets quality as index, the process of pilot preparing complex pellets of Bifidobacterium and immune colostrum by extrusion spheronization procress was optimized, the optimal process parameters were determined as follows, the proportion of powder ans water was 2:1, MCC content was 40%, cylinder rotating speed was 80r/min, spheronization rotating speed was 300r/min, spheronization time was 8min, in this condition, the spherical degree of the obtained pellets were good and the total recovery of pellets was 89.23%.3. Using the embedding rate of pellets as index, the pilot process of complex pellets of Bifidobacterium and immune colostrum coated by air suspension technology was optimized, the optimal process parameters were determined as follows, the concentration of European was 15%, the gain of coating was 10%, air-input temperature was 45℃, air-outlet temperature was 34℃, air-input capacity was 250m3/h, gunite speed was 6 r/min, in this condition, the embedding rate of pellets was 86.32%, the number of living Bifidobacterium was 5.7×107cfu/g in per gram pellets, the content of IgG was 47.26mg/g. 4. The disintegration test of pellets in artificial stomach solution and intestinal solution showed that the properties of the pellets were well. Freeze-dried powders and pellets were put in artificial stomach solution for treating, the results showed that the number of living Bifidobacterium in pellets decreased from 5.7x107cfu/g to 3.9×107cfu/g, the survival rate was 76.5%, the activity of immunoglobulin only decreased by 1 titer to 26, the number of living Bifidobacterium in freeze-dried powders decreased from 3.2×108cfu/g to 1.3×102cfu/g the survival rate was one millions of the original, immunoglobulin was almost no activity.

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