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Research on the Prediction of Scaling Tendency in Gathering and Transportation System of Multi-Department

Author WangChunTao
Tutor LiZiLi
School China University of Petroleum
Course Petroleum and Natural Gas
Keywords Gathering and transportation system Scaling Trend forecasting Location prediction
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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For the full exploitation of underground resources , enhanced oil recovery , multi-layer composite development has become the trend of the crude oil extraction . Multilayer Department developed crude oil reservoir formation age , so that the nature of the mined crude oil and produced water vary considerably. When two and multi- pipeline in the oil-water or gas-water phase compatibility , because of their mixed on the confluence of the valve in the pipeline for the formation of fouling . This paper studies the scaling mechanism, the main component of the oil field water main factors affect fouling surface gathering system and easy scaling parts , a variety of the scaling prediction methods, and the gathering and transportation system temperature drop , pressure drop formula. Based on the Changqing Oilfield several oilfield water sample analysis results , from which the five major factors , including the salt content (including the of Ca 2 < / sup> , the Ba 2 < / sup> , Cl < sup > - , SO 4 < / sub > 2 - < / sup> , the HCO 3 < / sub> - < / sup> ) , temperature, pH value ratio and pressure . The establishment of a multi-layer based gathering and transportation system the scaling prediction model . Davis and Stiff saturation index predicting calcium carbonate scale trend OT saturation index predicted sulfate fouling tendencies, and the use of scaling prediction equations predict the maximum amount of fouling severity of this three-part form scaling trend forecasting model , combined with the long-distance pipeline temperature drop , voltage drop formula established position scaling prediction model . The preparation of the program of the Changqing Oilfield multilayer Hybrid gathering and transportation system scaling prediction software developed in VS2008 environment , the use of object-oriented programming method is developed in WINDOWS XP environment . NET applications with event-driven way to complete control of the program , the use of the WINDOWS generic interface , simple operation , high reliability , mainly for Oil Gathering system oilfield water mixed transportation of different types of inorganic fouling prediction of the type of inorganic fouling trend , the extent and scaling position to predict .

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