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Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Research of the Ship Collisions with Bridge

Author XuChunLin
Tutor AiJun
School Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Keywords Ship-bridge collision Direct modal superposition method(DMSM) Simplified model Equivalent stiffness percussive force
CLC U447
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Currently, the research about ship-bridge collision is extensive, how to determine the ship collision force has an important guiding significance to the pier impact-proof design. On the basis of the theoretical analysis, this paper gives a simplified elastic collision model, and gets the theoretical solution about collision model. Finally an approximate calculation formula is proposed.Based on the open project“the mechanism analysis and experimental research of the ship collision with bridge”,which is researched at the key laboratory of disaster prevention and reduction engineering. By the experiment research and theoretical analysis, this paper analyzes the ship-bridge collision process. The main contents and conclusions are as follows .1. This paper studies the ship collision with a simply-supported bridge , the upper structure, pier, foundation and ship of the actual ship-bridge collision process are simplified, and the simplified calculation model of ship-bridge collision is proposed.2. From the classical point of structural dynamics, the frequency equation, modal, generalized displacement response and quality, piers boat force response of the ship-bridge collision model are solved by DMSM (use directly modal superposition method).3. The author has test on the pier model. When ship impacts piers 1 at any position,at the same cross section of pier 1 and pier 2 ,the acceleration time-history curve is consisten. This test proved that the double column test pier model can be simplified into a simple columnar model.4. After the basic parameters of test pier is calculated, this paper gives the dimensionless shock response chart. According to the chart, we can know that the boat force peaks in the top are bigger than the boat peaks.in the end5. By test the boat force time-history of curve can be gotten in different impact location, different collision speed impacting, comparied with the theoretical boat force peaks, we can obtain that the relative error of collision peak is around 5% at the different impact position, and the relative error of collision peak is around 8% at different impact velocity. The peak of the theory and experiment is anastomotic, which confirmed that the formula of the boat force is feasible.

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