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Physiological Responses of Flue-cured Tobacco (CuiBi 1) to Phosphorus Stress at Different Stages

Author LiHuaLi
Tutor GuoYuChun;QiJianMin
School Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Course Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Keywords Flue-cured tobacco Phosphorus stress Growth period Physiological response Chemical composition
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In recent years, due to the crop production in the more applied nitrogen, phosphorus supply a relatively small, resulting in soil phosphorus situation of insufficient, which is extremely detrimental to tobacco production. Phosphorus is one of the elements of the growth of tobacco indispensable nutritional research and clarify tobacco adapt, low phosphorus stress the nutrition physiological response mechanism has great significance for tobacco cultivation. Pitt the 1st to the flue-cured tobacco Chui materials, through the the phosphorus nutrient hydroponic method to study the different growth stages of growth and development of plants under different Phosphorus conditions, physiological and biochemical characteristics and its chemical content differences, achieved major results are as follows: 1. hydroponic method, Chui Pik One morphological characteristics of the different growth stages of flue-cured tobacco under different phosphorus conditions appropriate phosphorus processing total root length, root volume, root fresh weight and dry weight were significantly greater than the high phosphorus stress, low phosphorus stress root minimum parameter values. Low phosphorus and high phosphorus stress, plant height, the effective number of blades, pitch, stem girth, leaf length and width corresponding to shorter, fewer, shorter, thinner, shorter, low phosphorus stress variations than high phosphorus stress. Stems, leaves fresh weight and dry material small are: P gt; P high gt; P Root / shoot ratio reaches the maximum root spreading period, in a prosperous long-term at a minimum, mainly root growth in the early and late growth of stems and leaves; appropriate treatment of phosphorus root cap highest appropriate phosphorus treatment overall growth state. Is not difficult to find, Chui Pitt at the growth rate of aboveground and belowground various morphological characteristics were tested typical \Different phosphorus treatments different growth stages of studies have shown that physiological and biochemical characteristics in flue-cured tobacco Chui Bi on the 1st, the chlorophyll content of the various growth stages, glycolate oxidase activity changes showed a single peak curve, long-term prosperous reaches the maximum value from large to a small order: P suitable GT; P high GT; P low. Leaves, roots acid phosphatase activity showed the first rise in the downward trend, and in the popular long-term maximum activity level of low: P gt; P high gt; P fitness, and roots was significantly greater than the blade. Proline content showed increased at first and decreased then increased trend content for: P low gt; P high gt; P appropriate. Appropriate phosphorus and high phosphorus treatment increased malondialdehyde content in leaves, in the popular long-term to achieve the maximum, while the low phosphorus treatment in the extension root period reached its peak. Appropriate phosphorus handling high SOD activity than the low phosphorus treatment, and high phosphorus treatment fluctuate; suitable the phosphorus processing POD activity than the low phosphorus treatment are low first three growth period, while the first high phosphorus treatment to low However, the lowest SOD activity in mature, low phosphorus processing; also seedling and root spreading period, three deal with differences in CAT activity, while P treatments, the maximum reached in the popular long-term decline. Leaf IAA content showed a fluctuating, that first decreased and then increased, then decreased, the content size: P low gt; P high gt; P appropriate. ABA content at first increased and then decreased regularity. GA3 content showed reduced slightly increased, and then declining to mature its content is much lower than the seedling stage also. ZR content in whole growth period of the tobacco plant, although the short-term rise, but the overall downward trend. Crops in the growth process is not merely determined by the absolute content of a hormone, and the closer the balance between the various hormones. 3 different phosphorus processing under different growth stages of chemical constituents in flue-cured tobacco Chui Bi One study shows that the stems of the total nitrogen content of the changes are brought into a single peak curve extension roots period down to the minimum of the same leaf total N content changes; in low phosphorus stress, leaf total nitrogen content and high phosphorus stress opposite change. Total phosphorus content in the leaves, stems showed fluctuations in period of extensor root increased to a maximum in the popular long-term decline to the minimum. Stems, consistent with the trend of the total potassium content in leaves, similar content, distribution consistent The content drop size: P high gt; gt in P; P low phosphorus stress on the potassium content of tobacco small. High phosphorus stress cured leaf nicotine, total nitrogen, total chlorine content increases and other ingredients are reduced, and the lift amplitude of each component with the appropriate phosphorus processing, high phosphorus stress on the chemical composition of tobacco internal than ; Under Phosphorus Deficiency Cured Tobacco in reducing sugar / nicotine, total nitrogen / nicotine, sugar / nicotine reduced, other ingredients were elevated, but very different from the total sugar, total chlorine content appropriate phosphorus processing small, low phosphorus stress has little effect on the total sugar and total chlorine, a greater impact on other components.

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