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Factor Analysis and Meta Analysis of Sudden Hearing Loss Base on Modern Literature

Author LiZhanZong
Tutor LiYunYing
School Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords Sudden deafness Traditional Chinese Medicine Literature search Factor Analysis System Evaluation Meta-analysis
CLC R276.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Background and Purpose of sudden deafness is the TCM \aspects have a greater impact. The etiology and pathogenesis of sudden deafness is not yet entirely clear, and the treatment of sudden deafness is not yet have the support of the request for certificate evidence. Therefore, this subject by the specification, rigorous, authoritative Search strategy published at home and abroad for the past 30 years modern literature, modern literature database to establish the authority of sudden deafness TCM Treatment of Sudden deafness TCM Treatment Through literature research using factor analysis methods and meta-analysis methods, the preliminary draw TCM symptoms of sudden deafness distribution and dialectical law, seeking a better program for the treatment of this disease of Chinese medicine, clinical medicine treatment of sudden deafness medication and solutions provided based on evidence-based science. This research nearly 30 years at home and abroad through a standardized, rigorous, authoritative Search strategy TCM Treatment of sudden deafness from the perspective of evidence-based medicine, modern literature, to establish the authority of sudden deafness TCM Treatment Modern literature database for scientific research and clinical studies of the disease in the future, provide literature based on; principal component TCM symptoms of sudden deafness in the nearly 30 years of of sudden deafness modern literature analysis, factor analysis and cluster analysis, preliminary TCM symptoms come sudden deafness distribution and dialectical law of climate research and establish syndromes standardized characterization system provides research ideas, provide the basis for future clinical Chinese medicine treatment of sudden deafness; system evaluation method for the disease permit a comprehensive understanding of applications of clinical research methodology problems, the overall level of the objective assessment of the quality of research and scientific evaluation of Chinese medicine clinical research outcome in the treatment of sudden deafness effectiveness and security, as well as to seek Chinese medicine to treat the disease better solution provide evidence-based evidence for treatment of sudden deafness medication and solutions for clinical medicine, the preliminary draw Chinese medicine treatment of sudden deafness recommended medication and treatment programs. 2694 results of sudden deafness in English literature, Chinese literature of 2198, 496 of the English literature. The main symptoms of patients with sudden deafness hearing up to see the bottom choking feeling of ringing in the ears, dizziness, ear, ear swelling and other symptoms, tongue veins burst dark tongue pale, thin white fur, pulse Chenhuan the most common; deafness syndrome type can be divided into the type of deficiency of kidney essence, pyrophlegm Yong junction, anger on the disturbance type, blood stasis, exogenous pathogenic wind type. Chinese medicine treatment of sudden deafness literature the following deficiencies: ① RCT articles; ② positive results is too high (3) control group the type of drug used too much as a control non-specific drugs and treatment methods are many, affecting the efficacy evaluation. ④ relates only to the efficacy of many studies, while ignoring the side effects. ⑤ most focus on the short-term effect on the long-term efficacy not pay enough attention. Existing clinical evidence suggests that, compared with the control group, traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese patent medicines can improve the treatment of sudden deafness efficiency, clinical consider choosing a traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine in combination with other therapies to treat sudden deafness, to improve the treatment of patients efficiency. Include the systematic review of randomized controlled trials mostly low-quality literature, further confirmed its clinical efficacy has yet to carry out a large-scale design rigorous, reliable method for multi-center clinical study to obtain a higher strength of the evidence. The conclusions in the retrieval process, retrieve, should have a clear idea, rigorous formulation for each step of the entire retrieval process closely linked by good logic to adjust the search strategy, according to the retrieval situation, improve the recall rate. In recent years, Chinese scholars more study of the efficacy of Chinese medicine treatment of sudden deafness, also achieved some results, but due to the low quality of clinical research, concluded the lack of convincing, can not become a clinical guidance evidence of treatment, and therefore still unable to reach the standard of Chinese medicine treatment of sudden deafness treatment in future clinical studies, we need to use evidence-based medicine and clinical epidemiology and medical statistics strict design, measurement and evaluation obtain scientific conclusions, come to the Chinese medicine treatment of sudden deafness governance rule of law and medicine evidence summarized TCM treatment of sudden deafness treatment standards and programs to guide clinical practice, improve efficacy.

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