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The On Zenzai boy 53 sanshenziweiyin interpretation of the Bodhisattva

Author MengShuangShuang
Tutor WuYanSheng
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Religious Studies
Keywords Zenzai boy Fifty - sanshenziweiyin , Bodhisattva Six rows Law , Double back to
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The focus of this study is the Bodhisattva theory the 53 sanshenziweiyin behind. This paper is divided into four chapters around Zenzai boy life Buddhahood Visit traveled expand. The interpretation of the Bodhisattva analysis Zenzai boy trying to grant to find out the a blueprint for the Bodhisattva parameters embodied fifty-three line, the line method and characteristics. Introduction, mainly to explain the motivation of this study, research ideas and research purposes. The first chapter focuses on the analysis of 53 three-parameter the scriptures structure and clues. Fifty - three of the overall structure of the three links. The internal structure of each parameter can be divided into six areas. Clues by that dark of two clues: open wire suspect the situation, the confidence of the dark line. The second chapter analyzes the Bodhisattva to be achieved by the blueprint. Fifty - three a blueprint that is the blueprint to achieve \mode of expression, to spend the interaction between Manjusri Samantabhadra Vairocana Kegon Sam Shing to interpretation. The third chapter analyzes the of the Bodhisattva six law commenced. The six line method Shixin as the front line of the Bodhisattva, the Shixin full of, Shijue the early hair as the starting point of the Bodhisattva. The ten live bits Ritchey true ten ranking different emphases, but its focus is that reality emptiness title deeds. The ten lines bit according to real action and in accordance with live bits prove a true interpersonal emptiness expand Bodhisattva line through attend ten perfections Yiqiezhizhi initiated willing Shangen. Back to bit 10 bit willing line will melt, the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Wisdom Unlimited extended ten perfections endless expand to undertake ten lines. Through practice willing guilds financial, vasospasm since barriers was able to get rid of the Self presents can Dundee. Ten position in wisdom and compassion into Germany, ten ranking of practice, wisdom and compassion to each other pilot, feel the line constantly increasing wins, ten position in full achievements feel. From the eleven places sad final Chi, line Samantabhadra line, Samantabhadra line successfully to enter Miaojue bit. The fourth chapter of the characteristics of the Bodhisattva, the conclusion of this article. Chapter Chapter analysis, summed up the the bottom search process the Bodhisattva the Zenzai 53 sanshenziweiyin interpretation is carried out for the realization of Buddhahood blueprint, this quest to appear in the form of \\Further, by the commencement of the fourth part of the six line method can be seen, the six line method is a complete dual back to mode. Part three conclusions can be drawn: The First Fifty - three verses closely linked to the process of six-line law practice and expand Participation Participation interface between natural and close with six rows to promote the process of the law is consistent. Second, 53 sanshenziweiyin the Bodhisattva blueprint from the body, phase three levels start to show the Buddhahood the endless comfortable and unlimited solemn. Third, six rows Zenzai deductive method empty, the truth and the profane, the successful integration of grief and Chi, reflects the double back to the Bodhisattva characteristics. Double to expand the self-liberation and salvation integration, and everyone is endless, the Bodhisattva vows endless, which is Samantabhadra line characteristics. Fourth, Zenzai over the next quest traveled to practice the Bodhisattva, from a practitioner grade liters into another practitioner grade, traveled to a different realm of life and eventually become a Buddha. The form of \

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