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Preliminary Scale to Select 4-6 Years Old Gifted Children in Shanghai-on the Basis of Mental Rotation

Author ShenYanHua
Tutor QianWen
School East China Normal University
Course Pre-primary Education
Keywords Mental rotation Gifted Children Item Response
CLC B841
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The 21st century is the the the talent competition century , countries have paid attention to the selection and training of personnel . Screening for Gifted Children , the more common practice is to use the intelligence scale , but traditional intelligence scale exist such as direct translation from foreign Scale Amendment old outdated norm entitled aging tendency , does not have the original the difficulty and discernment , some scale , no pre-school norm , the existence of knowledge is too strong, the lack of Surveying long time . This study is based on the original findings that mental rotation and spatial ability and intelligence presence of a significant positive correlation , as well as the development of cognitive science shows that gifted children and children on the intelligence structure . The mental rotation as the basis to select children to participate in the test check in five districts of Shanghai 1010 , 4-6 years old Gifted Children Scale for screening , contains a two-dimensional specific two-dimensional geometry , two-dimensional abstract and three-dimensional rotation of 36 questions, reliability and validity , the difficulty of the discrimination analysis carried out in the framework of classical test theory (CTT) and item response theory (IRT) framework to further estimate the difficulty of each question , discrimination and guessing parameters item characteristic curve and the amount of information curve , validation and model fitting . The results show that the test has good reliability and validity , a = .953, Raven criterion-related validity r = .536 ** . Formal test of medium difficulty topic , accounting for 70% of the problems accounted for 30% , in line with the original intention of screening for gifted children . The topic identification degree were more than 0.3 , that is a good all topics discernment excellent discernment topic which accounted for 94.4% . The average projects discrimination calculated BILOG-MG 3.0 a = 1.235, the average difficulty b = 0.728, mean guessing c = 0.053, amounted to 37.46 . The difficulty, discrimination , and guessing , the amount of information , all ideal . Last norm based the mental rotation Shanghai 4-6 years old Gifted Children . Correct answers to 18 questions in this test , the 4-year-old group , 5 -year-old set of correct answers to 27 questions , the correct answers to 31 questions can be an initial screening for Gifted Children 6-year-old group .

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