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Explore the Chinese blockbuster reality of the plight of its development strategy

Author LiuTianJiao
Tutor LiZhen
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Radio and television Art
Keywords Chinese blockbuster Film market The root of the problem Development strategy
CLC J905
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Movie as an important symbol to express cultural identities, the impact on public life is enormous. With the economic and social development, the Chinese concept of the movie also will slowly change, coupled with the enormous impact of the Hollywood blockbuster Chinese film, the Chinese film industry since 2003, the institutional and structural reforms gradually activated international market for Chinese cinema to open the door. This reform makes Chinese film to adapt to the many changes, these changes include: adapt to the challenges of globalization, the environment, and meet the needs of their own development, and facing competition from new media, Chinese movies are groping efforts, hoping to find their own development path. In recent years, with the Chinese film industry and marketization process moves forward, the Chinese film on the investment and the creation of unprecedented prosperity, the film presents a variety of pattern on the type and style pursuit. Start learning Chinese film based on the mode of production of Hollywood blockbusters, including billion in capital investment, high-tech production methods, scene design, generous international star lineup, the issue of globalization model and a series of attempts to gradually Chinese blockbuster concept. The emergence of the Chinese blockbuster Chinese movies have a great breakthrough in the number of works and the box office, and also produced some of the hot spots of concern phenomenon, triggered a community of Chinese blockbuster culture, large areas of the market, large industrial and institutional various discussions. The emergence and development of the Chinese blockbusters is that people love to hate, love is the generation of large tracts of the launch of a blockbuster just like to a pool of stagnant water, the Chinese film market, the moment again aroused Chinese filmmakers Chinese film new hope, new vigor to bring the Chinese film market, domestic large production year after year, has made remarkable achievements, China's large market thus showing more vitality, the blockbuster also will become a public topic more and more attention and explore; hate is the beginning of the Chinese blockbuster concept many problems facing many difficulties, sparking a lot of different ideas about sound. The rapid changes in China's large market-oriented, but I am afraid that the blockbuster concept of commercialization changed also take some time. This article explores the various aspects of the problem, since large areas of China generated and to analyze the underlying causes of the problem to make solving strategies. I hope this content can help the good development of the Chinese blockbuster. Concrete is divided into the following five parts: the first part is the introduction. This section includes the paper the significance of the topic and the research status; the Chinese blockbuster concept defined; China a large advantage at the controversial aspects. The second part of the analysis of the dilemma faced by the Chinese blockbuster. Expand from four aspects of the style and spirit of the Chinese blockbuster blockbuster Chinese art and box office blockbuster technology and content, as well as the Chinese blockbuster cultural and commercial concrete analysis. Cut from a realistic point of view, the specific Chinese blockbuster in which to analyze the result of habitat. The third part is the root of the problem Chinese blockbuster retrospective. The source of China's large problems summed up in three categories, market background reasons, reasons of artistic creation and cultural factors reasons. In-depth analyzes and summarizes these three aspects, trying to root causes of specific, realistic. The fourth part is so many problems for the Chinese blockbuster specific development strategies and recommendations. Coping strategies broadly divided into five parts: its own national characteristics to increase policy improvements and enforcement; increase of large areas of industrial production and distribution efforts;-depth grasp of the large market; the cultural aspirations efforts to strengthen large, well constructed large brands. This five-part strategy to help the difficulties faced by the Chinese blockbuster out of this stage, with a spirit of self-reflection by the vision of scientific development to the study of Chinese movies, Chinese blockbusters to further improve the quality of the domestic large enhance international influence. The fifth part of the conclusion. Summary of the full text Looking to the Chinese blockbuster prospects and the future path of development.

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