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Research on Electrochemical Synthesis and Application of Conductive Polyaniline

Author LiShanTing
Tutor LiTingXi
School Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords conductive polyaniline chemical synthesis method electrochemical synthesis method electrical conductivity corrosion resistance
CLC O633.21
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Among conducting polymers, the conducting polyaniline attracts more and more concern due to its simplicity of preparation, cheap price, favorable conductivity and excellent stability. And it has been widely used on solar cells, the anti-corrosion material, electrochromic materials, chemical bilsensor and so on. The new research displays that the polyaniline film, as a kind of novel anti-corrosion material, is though of an important material by more and more people and it will become one of the most important fields of conductive polyaniline.There are many methods to synthesis polyaniline (PAN). Compared with chemical method, the condition of electrochemical method is easier to control and the repeatability of the experiment is better. However, the premise of the chemical method is the good dissolubility of PAN, which is the bottleneck of the application of PAN. Therefore, it is a very pressing task to find a more feasible synthesis method and a practical way of PAN.In this paper, conductive pilyaniline were synthesized by chemical method and electrochemical method. We basically did the following work:1、Conductive ployaniline were synthesized on stainless steels by in-situ polymerization method and constant potenial method, and the optimal synthetic technics were obtained. The corrosion resistance of conductive polyaniline was studied by chemical corroding proof, electrochemical anodic polarization curves and eletrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The influence of synthetic conditions on corrosion resistance of conductive ployaniline was discussed. The configuration of conductive polyaniline was discussed by FTIR and XRD. The morphology of conductive polyaniline by SEM was observed.2、The research results show that corrosion resistance of stainless steels which were coverd by polyaniline were increasingly improved. Synthetic condition had biggish influence on conductivity and corrosion resistance of ployaniline. The configuration and morphology of conductive polyaniline by FTIT、TGA and XRD show that conductive polyaniline were composed of particles, and were comosed of crystals.

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