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A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Movie Posters

Author ChenYunRu
Tutor GaoXiaoFang
School Central China Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Multimodal Discourse Analysis Visual syntax Movie Poster
CLC H030
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid development of computer science and multimedia technology, image, sound, and action non-verbal 'symbol system is more and more obvious role in the day-to-day communication and information dissemination, the dominance of the language in the traditional sense has been a great challenges. Thus, the traditional discourse analysis for the study of language shift must contain more symbols system to the more complex, multi-modal discourse analysis. Apparently, for the study of language syntax can not achieve the requirements of a comprehensive interpretation of the meaning of the expression in the various modes, so to interpret multi-modal discourse, you must configure the new grammar system. In the West in the 1990s, the rise of multi-modal discourse analysis to solve this problem to a large extent, one of the most prominent representative is Chris and Levin (1996). Image reading a book, cf Halliday Systemic Functional Grammar in three major functions, namely the concept of function, interpersonal function and textual function of the first systematic and comprehensive visual syntax analysis framework, from the reproduction of meaning, interactive meaning and composition of significance discussed the significance of expression of the image, Multimodal Discourse analysis provides a theoretical basis and methods of analysis. With the advent of the information age, the film's marketing concepts and models continue to develop updated. Known as the poster of the movie \The audience read the movie poster decoding process is actually a including images, text, color and other elements of the composite language \The visual parsing framework proposed for the movie poster Multimodal Discourse analysis possible. In this paper, a combination of research methods in theoretical research and corpus analysis, the theory of relying on visual parsing framework, combined with systemic functional linguistics theory, this model aims to build a movie poster Multimodal Discourse analysis model and discourse analysis tools for deep interpretation of movie posters discourse to explore how movie poster image, color, language, and other modal combined effect of the composition of, and through three major functions are implemented for propaganda purposes. Theoretical and practical significance of this study is that the First, through in-depth analysis of the realization of the three major functions in the movie poster Discourse rich dimension of the movie posters discourse analysis, break through the limitations of traditional movie poster research and analysis object single; Second, verify the the visual syntax analytical framework of the system functional school explanatory power and applicability of movie posters discourse, broadening the field of multi-modal discourse analysis; once again, to help designers scientific and rational coordination of movie posters modal selection and distribution, so as to achieve the best design results; Finally, Movie Poster multi-modal discourse literacy ability and appreciation for the movie posters to provide a more comprehensive perspective, and thus help the audience to interpret scientific poster. modal collaboration in the introductory video information and reveal the meaning of the movie theme, enhance the level of appreciation of the audience on the movie poster. Six chapters. The first chapter briefly introduces the research background, significance and text structure. Chapter II multi-modal discourse analysis theory and practice review, and briefly describes the status of film discourse analysis, functional linguistics as a starting point on the movie poster target multi-modal discourse analysis leads to the purpose of this article and reasons. The third chapter, based on the theory of functional grammar and visual parsing framework, this paper attempts to establish - the movie poster Multimodal Discourse analysis model. Chapter pointed out that the purpose of this research, research methods and corpus collection and selection; Chapter, to build a model for discourse analysis tools for analysis and discussion on the selected corpus. Chapter 6 summarizes the major findings of this study, and pointed out the inadequacies of the research and future research directions.

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