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A Discussion on Coleridge’s Organic Unity Poetic View

Author GuoJinSong
Tutor YangJian
School Central China Normal University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Samuel Taylor Coleridge Poetics Organic whole concept Imagination
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Samuel Taylor Coleridge ,1772-1834) in the history of English poetry occupies an important and unique position. As a leading poet Coleridge wrote \And as one of prominent theorists and critics of poetry, Coleridge Although the British in the 19th century did not get much recognition, may to the 20th century, the English-speaking world has quickly become a recognized leader in poetry circles. In this paper, introduction of domestic and foreign Coleridge Poetics summarizes the current situation, and thus found that historically the poetics of Coleridge despite ample evidence of its poetic value, but also exposed their \This has always been the lack of a Coleridge poetry research, especially research overview adversely affected, resulting in Coleridge Poetry has long been difficult to grasp on the whole. It is based on this understanding, the integrated use of narrow paper poetics, generalized poetics and comparative poetics research methods, Coleridge organic whole poetics of a more comprehensive discussion, seeks to clarify the composition of its overall concept and on this basis the text of its romanticism of the 19th century in the history of Western literary theory discussed the status and influence are briefly reviewed. Significance of the topic of this paper is as follows: Firstly, in the country for the first time on Coleridge's poetry in a holistic overview of research that will explain the overall concept of the \Coleridge poetics of the many arguments for a re-examination, in order to enrich our understanding of them provide for assistance; Again, this article will be placed Coleridge Poetry 19th century Romanticism and the context of the history of Western Literature visits, total time and through diachronic comparative study reveals Coleridge poetic romanticism of the 19th century in various literary theory as well as its unique value position and influence in the history of Western Literature. This paper examines not only the introduction abroad Coleridge Poetics situation, explained the significance of the topic of this article and research methods, but also meticulous combing of the \on Coleridge organic whole poetics of the overall composition and position in the history of Western literary theory are briefly described. This paper is divided into three chapters. The first chapter discusses Coleridge organic whole poetics of the organic concept. Which first analyzes the concept of organic Coleridge thought the two sources, namely the impact of early German Romanticism and English literature itself evolved actuation; Section borrow Coleridge its botanical research organic concept analogy illustrates three points, namely \organic form and content. This paper argues that the organic concept is Coleridge organic whole poetics part of the foundation. The second chapter discusses Coleridge organic whole poetics of the overall concept. Which explores Coleridge first holistic view of four basic elements: subject, form, content and intrinsic dominant force; Section II analyzes the overall concept Coleridge two aesthetic criteria: beautiful, wisdom; Section three analyzes Coleridge Poetry and part of the overall relationship between the three kinds, namely as a whole before the part of the support between the parts and instructions, part of the internal harmony and support. This paper argues that the whole concept is Coleridge organic whole poetics of the body parts. The third chapter discusses Coleridge organic whole poetics of the \Imagine the duality, Coleridge on \effect of unity; Section III discusses Coleridge's \This paper argues that \This epilogue on Coleridge's literary achievements from poetry, poetry and poetry criticism three theoretical aspects of a comprehensive summary and on its theory of poetry and poetry criticism on future generations of Western literary poetics and even explained in detail the impact.

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