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Functional Stylistic Analysis of the Gift of the Magi

Author ZhangWenJun
Tutor ChenYouLin
School Central China Normal University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Functional Stylistics Systemic Functional Grammar Metafunction Gift of the Magi
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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At this stage, literary criticism and literary stylistics Appreciation of the two main methods of literary works. The Literary Stylistics study language as a study text, especially those of the authors intentionally chose to generate and strengthen the thematic significance and aesthetic effect, the performance of thinking language phenomenon. Stylistic analysis of linguistic theory mode as an analytical tool to interpret the text. Halliday's systemic functional grammar-based functional stylistics is one of the many genres of literary stylistics influential genre. Functional stylistics to analyze language from the Halliday three functions angle, namely: the concept of function, interpersonal function and textual function. Systemic functional linguistics to analyze the text of the text by two purposes, one is to interpret descriptive analysis and evaluation; reveal the theme of the text as well as how meaning is conveyed through language. Functional Stylistic Analysis of O. Henry's short story \story. This paper first introduces the The Stylistics related to some of the basic theoretical concept outlined Halliday system function syntax, and its Literature Appreciation actual application, at the same time also introduces a writer Europe. Henry's life and work, and summarizes at home and abroad various studies done by the selected text of this article. The main part of this article is a three Metafunction use functional grammar analysis of the significance of the theme of the novel and the stylistic features and novel small sentence from three aspects of mood and modality: Experience transitivity system function, interpersonal function thematic structure and the convergence of the system and discourse function. Meta-function analysis of the novel, the following major findings: 1. Through experience features analysis, we can see that the ratio of the full text of the small sentence substances process is much higher than other process, because the material process is to describe the action The behavior of the most typical process. Relatively speaking, the relationship processes and the presence of the process is also very high frequency. They have a good description of the economic and living conditions of the family, and also describes the physical characteristics and personality traits of heroes. All of these provide a firm foundation for the development of the story of the subsequent plot. Further look at Jim and Della the transitive process analysis, we can find Della use more verbal process, and Jim used more mental process. This indicates that the de la trying to persuade Jim he should not be angry because she was doing the right thing, Jim Della short hair witnessed after the heart has also experienced some struggles. 2. The human functional analysis by mood and modality system, from the dialogue between Della and Jim can be seen, although the authors did not specify the relationship between this couple and how they get along in daily life, but the reader through the author's narrative is not difficult to imagine. Poverty but love each other, Della gone beautiful hair does not matter, Jim did a well-known watch it does not matter, what really matters is that they can be with each other has, couples Wife. Analysis of the thematic structure and cohesive devices so that we know how the story is to expand and develop the clear. The two narrative clues in the text, the open wire around Della expand, dark line around Jim expand. Della sell hair to buy a bracelet at a glance, while Jim sell the table to buy a comb reader can read between the lines. Two clues a chain, so that the article seamless. In addition, the repeat as well as reference to the words in this article highlight the language characteristics, makes the story become sense profoundly the coherent overall stylistic analysis of \The novel's language, thematic significance as well as the character's personality and personal relationships, a deeper understanding. Functional Stylistics the Literature Appreciation a new scientific theory and method, because it is able to provide an objective standard, the subjective understanding of literary works based on objective criteria, and has a strong objective test.

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