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Research on Criminal Damage to Forest Resources

Author GuoYuJing
Tutor WangYueXian
School Northeast Forestry University
Course Rural and Regional Development
Keywords Forest resources Criminal law Problem Perfect
CLC D924.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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At present, China's forest resources has been severely damaged, which not only damages the country's economic interests, but also endanger the country's ecological environment, resulting in a like bad weather, natural disasters, etc. on major issues. And this act of destruction of forest resources still exist many criminal regulations, this paper is based on the destruction of forest resources in the legislative and judicial practice of crime problems in the conduct of the study. This article has four parts, including the following contents: Introduction In the first part of this section first describes the background of this project, a detailed analysis of the research status, and points out the purpose of this study, the paper describes the significance of the study Meaning includes thesis theoretical significance and practical significance thesis. Mainly in the form of the introduction part of this study is to do an introduction, leads below; primarily on content analysis of China's current forest resources have been destroyed specific circumstances. The second part of the criminal destruction of forest resources outlined in this section is to study the purpose and significance of forest crime. First, the analysis of the characteristics of criminal destruction of forest resources. Secondly, the analysis of the destruction of forests high crime causes. Finally, the analysis of the destruction of forest resources in high crime hazards. The third part of the destruction of forest resources of Criminal Legislation and issues in this section is to study the Criminal Legislation of destruction of forest status and problems. Firstly, expounded the existing criminal law protection of forest resources, mainly from the content, scope and punishment to three main aspects of the analysis. Second, analysis of China's destruction of forest resources problems in the criminal legislation, including the filing standards problem: punishment to set unreasonable; incriminate scope of oversight. Finally, the study of the destruction of forest resources in the practice of criminal justice problems. Including crime constituting aspects; criminal penalties aspects; Zuiyufeizui aspects; this crime and other crimes aspects. The fourth part of the destruction of forest resources Criminal Legislation First, the filing standards improved. Secondly, the punishment to improve. Again, the offense's improvement. Fourth, improve the criminal penalty area. Finally, the institutional aspects of the improvement, including the strengthening of forest resources management; strengthen the protection of forest resources team building: increase the destruction of forest resources in criminal cases investigated and the crackdown.

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