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The Study of the Developing Strategies of Seas in the Process of China’s Rise

Author XueFeng
Tutor ZhaoChangFeng
School Central China Normal University
Course International relations
Keywords sea power sea rights and interests sea strategy
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The deconstruction and construction of China’s sea power.The seas play a great important part in the survival and development of the human society. From the aspect of resource, seas not only provided us with "fish and salt", but also precious oil-gas resources and mineral resources; from the aspect of trade, in the era of globalization, the convenient sea transportation also plays an important part in the international trades, which takes the responsibility of the connections and transportation among countries; from the aspect of national security, as the natural strategic barriers, seas have great strategic value of land security of the coastal countries. To control the seas, develop the marine business and construct the new marine developmental strategy have already been the common sense of those coastal countries.As for China, the word of sea power is quite strange. For many times, as the reason of Chinese geographical environment, historical ideas, national culture, governmental prosperities and other factors, from being to the end, the development of the seas have been the accessory of the continental civilization. The old-fashioned idea of "pay more attention on land while less on seas" for yeas has fundamentally constrained the awareness of seas. As the passive beaten in the sea fighting in modern times, China has completely lost its advantage in seas and the dream of "the Celestial Empire". This also directly led to the occupation of the lands. For a long time, as a coastal country with long coastline, China had never developed a kind of sea power theory which is consistent with its own characteristicsIn the contemporary China, as the deepening of the reform and opening-up, the reinforcement of the global interdependence, the increase of the international communication and trade has increased a lot. As the increase of national strength, the sea awareness which is inhibited long has been aroused. The Chinese development can not go without seas and the stability and security of China can’t go without seas. Under this situation, it is particularly urgent to construct the new sea strategy according to the developmental features.On the basis of the research results at home and abroad, this paper deeply analyzed the current situation of Chinese sea power and also tried to find the reason. The deconstruction of the Chinese sea power was also completely analyzed.As Chinese sea power was different from the traditional sea power in the west, the diversified three-dimensional developmental trend of Chinese sea power was identified. Under the great situation of China’s peaceful rise, this paper distinguished the roles of seas and lands in the national developmental strategy. From the aspects of military, economic, diplomatic, institution and cultural, this paper proposed the construction ideas of the new-type sea strategy and also analyzed the positive meaning of the sea power development for China’s rise and those problems and difficulties we may face with.

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