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Bai Hu Tong Ideological Content Research

Author ZhouKaiHui
Tutor PengZiQiang;LiKai
School Southwestern University
Course Chinese Philosophy
Keywords White tiger Mainstream ideology Political system Social Thought Culture and ideology Economic Thought
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In Eastern Han Jian-chu four years (AD 79), in the capital Luoyang White Tiger concept of Han Emperor Zhang personally presided over the concept of white tiger meeting handouts five similarities and differences. This time between the early years of the Eastern Han statehood to the Han Emperor Zhang Jian, this Classical Learning, Chenwei theological three compete for dominance of the ideological field, the struggle increasingly fierce, so a lot of social problems caused by the rule of the Eastern Han regime also had a negative the impact. In addition, many rules and norms on the country's political, economic, cultural and social life also need to add complete and finalized by an official document of the country, then that later. White Tiger concept meeting held at this time, has three purposes: First, publicity imperial ideology, propaganda Eastern Han regime's legitimacy, justice. The second is to become the mainstream ideology of the ruling National handouts by the justice school Confucianist Divination theology promote orthodoxy. Explanation on the major issues of concern of the common people, norms of social life, solve the problem of ideology implement the system into the surface, as a token of his love people the meaning of the China. \. Although from a formal point of view it is to discuss the Pentateuch some of the similarities and differences belong to the scope of classical studies, is not officially drafted the code of laws promulgated; But from the point of view of its content, it formulated the basic principles of the state system, the social system, established a social life in a variety of codes of conduct, directly in order to consolidate the rule of the feudal dictatorship. Just so, \Many scholars also believe that it is the fundamental law of the feudal ruling class, while the rich content makes it important works is the study of the history of Chinese philosophy, history of political thought, the history of ideas can not be ignored. Unfortunately, \comprehensive grasp. Second, due to lack of comprehensive understanding, leading to a lack of objectivity of the study. Since the new China, the academic research is often associated with the political stance of class analysis closely linked, to a certain extent \\\Based on the above shortcomings, we necessary to pay more attention to the \to make more objective and comprehensive system, fully aware of the impact of its traditional Chinese culture. This article is starting from the \In the first chapter, the main summary the established national consciousness \This part includes both the guiding philosophy of the country, also contains political thought. The second chapter summarizes the contents of the \Chapter elucidation of Social Thought, Chapter elucidation of culture and thought, Chapter elucidation of economic thought. Through the meticulous sort of work I concluded that, \

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