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The Effects of Syntaxin1B Deletion to Vesicle Mobilization and Synaptic Depression

Author WangXueFeng
Tutor ZhangZuoRu;SunJianYuan
School Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
Course Developmental Biology
Keywords Syntaxin1B Vesicles start The Calyx of Held
CLC Q424
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The transmission of information between neurons through synaptic transmission to achieve . Synaptic transmission triggered by calcium -mediated neurotransmitter release of synaptic vesicles with the presynaptic membrane fusion (fusion) and start . Synaptic vesicles need before the release of the neurotransmitter start in the series presynaptic protein (priming), one of the most important aspects , including Syntaxin1, Snap-25 and VAMP / Synaptobrevin SNAREs protein complexes formation. . Syntaxin1 specific expression of the SNARE proteins in the nerve terminals having Syntaxin1A Syntaxin1B two subtypes , these two subtypes have 84 % similarity in amino acid sequence and structure . Syntaxin1 as SNARE complex one , has an important role in the start - up and release of vesicles . Studies have shown , Syntaxin1A knockout mice in cell biology and behavior had no obvious phenotype after and Syntaxin1B knockout mice homozygous for a large number of deaths within 2-3 weeks after birth , survival is not more than three weeks . So, we Syntaxin1B functional analysis of synaptic transmission in Syntaxin1B knockout mice The Calyx of Held synapse emperor of neurons (principal neuron) whole cell patch clamp observed and Syntaxin1B deletion of synapses vesicles start and release . The findings , Syntaxin1B missing lead Calyx synapse spontaneous miniature inhibitory postsynaptic currents (mEPSCs) frequency decreased significantly ; wild-type control , the magnitude of the peak of the action potential Syntaxin1B missing synapse evoked excitatory postsynaptic currents (eEPSC) Less schedule ; the different serial action potential frequency stimulation , Syntaxin1B lack of lead the steady state eEPSC (steady state eEPSC) decreased very significantly but the linear regression method release vesicle pool ( readily releasable pool RRP) size unchanged . The injury description Syntaxin1B missing start vesicles . The above results show that , Syntaxin1B as a key factor of SANRE protein complexes involved in deciding the efficiency of vesicle release and adjust the the vesicles start and vesicle fusion dynamics .

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