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The complex structure of the scattering and radiation characteristic basis function method and improved technology

Author LuWenChun
Tutor HuJun
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords Integral equation Method of Moments Characteristic basis function method Multilevel fast multipole method Array structure
CLC O441.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Electromagnetic characteristics of large complex target analysis in a wide range of applications in engineering, people have been very enthusiastic about the development of a more efficient and accurate algorithm. Method of moments as accurate numerical algorithms, one for decades has been widely used, it has the advantages of high accuracy, but its calculation complexity and memory consumption is high, it is difficult to be applied directly to complex electrically large electromagnetic properties analysis. Developed on the basis of the method of moments, multilevel fast multipole method (MLFMA) adaptive integral method (AIM) method greatly reduces the computational complexity and memory requirements matrix-vector multiplication problem can quickly solve large object , but must rely on the iterative solution method. For multi-incident problem, the iterative process is still time consuming. This study characteristic basis function method can significantly reduce the number of unknown quantities, the method is particularly suitable for the electromagnetic properties of the periodic array structure analysis. This paper first introduces the thinking step of the method of integral equations, and solving method - the principle of the method of moments and solving process details. Then-depth study of the characteristic basis function method, and the method is extended zone width selected, the singular value decomposition (SVD) threshold determined parameters were analyzed. Plane wave excitation distribution and to establish the characteristics of the base function is optimized. Then, the characteristic basis function algorithm. By introducing a fast multi-pole multilevel fast multipole method of accelerated filling the impedance matrix filling characteristic basis functions belonging to different blocks to improve the traditional method of matrix filling speed. And adaptive cross approximation method to approximate calculation the extended blocks impedance matrix, improve the speed to establish the characteristics of the base function. Second, the characteristic basis function method and fast multipole - fast Fourier transform method combined for the analysis of large-scale electromagnetic properties of planar array structure. Study design characteristic basis function method, the number of unknown quantities before and after the combination of the characteristic basis function method, the iteration time compared and carried out a detailed analysis of its causes. Finally, for large planar array structure characteristic basis function method to establish the characteristics of the base functions process improvement, and the development of a model characteristic basis function method, the method uses two layers characteristic basis function, to further reduce the number of unknown quantities last applicable conditions and effects analysis.

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