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On Poincare’s "Scientific Logic"

Author HuangChuAn
Tutor ZhangDaSong
School Central China Normal University
Course Logic
Keywords Poincare Scientific logic Scientific outlook Assume Intuitive thinking Logical thinking Harmonious beauty Unity Simplicity
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The Poincare scientific logical thinking, widely involved in the field of scientific logic of scientific discoveries, scientific examination of all aspects of scientific development, rich connotation and style of great guiding significance of scientific inquiry activities. This article through the interpretation of the text, start from the the Poincare science Science Foundation for logical thinking, insight into the theoretical basis points overall combing; thus Poincare scientific logic thinking, attributed to five major; Finally around the Poincare scientific logic thinking Features and inadequate, expand the appropriate comments. According to this line of thinking, the text is divided into three parts. The first part focuses on the the Poincare science Science Foundation for logical thinking. The scientific view is the Poincare scientific theory of logical thinking bps. It relates to the four aspects of the Poincare about the nature of science and values, experience the agreed concept of scientific sources, about the relationship between scientific objects of Reality, and selected on the basis of scientific facts concept. Poincare seems the essence of science is the inner unity of things with a simple inquiry, the pursuit of harmonious beauty conventions of scientific knowledge from the experience of people, the true relationship between things is the only objective reality, science The fact that different from the unprocessed fact, inherent its selection criteria. The second part mainly focused seminars Poincare scientific and logical thinking. Relates to the assumption agreement, intuitive thinking, logical thinking, harmony and beauty, and the unity and simplicity of the other aspects of the substance of its role and limitations of scientific inquiry activities. Interpretation of the text of the Poincare scientific and logical thinking, we found, agreed to create the conditions assumed in the scientific discovery and theory testing and evaluation, and intuitive thinking plays a key role in breakthrough thinking bottlenecks thinking leap in scientific creation, logical thinking to promote scientific prove with conclusive evidence of its rigor and accuracy, harmony and beauty lead throughout the scientific progress always thinking, the ultimate scientific development trend is toward unity and simplicity. The third part of the main features and shortcomings of the Review of the the Poincare scientific logic thinking. In addition to the characteristics of the second part of this paper deals with the five aspects, the Poincare scientific logical thinking is also reflected Poincare highly conscious scientific and logical thinking, also reveals the inherent unity theoretical system; course this ideology also exist some deficiencies, such as the scientific concept of basic thinking tools and so there is a certain degree of limitations.

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