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Development and Storage Characteristic Research of Low-sodium Ham Sausages

Author HuangMeiXiang
Tutor WangHaiBin
School Wuhan Polytechnic University
Course Of Food Science
Keywords ham sausages low-sodium salt phosphate transglutaminase storage characteristics PCR tenderness water holding capacity water activity texture sensory evalution
CLC TS251.65
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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There are increasing incidence of human cardiovascular disease, due to excessive intake of salt through the meats . What’s more, manufacturers always add too much phosphate in order to improve the quality of meat products, which is harmful to human health. This study try to reduce the sodium content of ham sausages, by reducing the amount of salt and using alternative, and also try to replace phosphate with alternative, in order to develop phosphate-free, health and safety ham sausage.This paper study the effect of reducing the salt content on quality of ham sausages, the results show that the lowest acceptable addition level was 1.5g salt. Reducing the salt content show impacts mainly in the fade color, rough cut, decreasing water holding capacity, increasing water activity and so on. And several substances to replace NaCl in salt were also studied, the result determine KCl, CaCl2, glycine are preferred alternatives, and the combination tests show the best alternative formula of salt was NaCl 40%, KCl 35%, CaCl2 15% , glycine 10%.This paper study using transglutaminase (MTG) to replace all the phosphate in ham sausages, the results show that it increased the water holding capacity, springness, hardness and chewiness of ham, indicating that MTG can well improve the quality of ham, it is completely feasible. And the best ham sausages recipe were optimized by single-factor and orthogonal experiments which is low sodium salt 2.5g, soy protein isolate 3g, water 32g, MTG 0.24%.The storage characteristics of the control group (3g common salt), the MTG group, the phosphate group, the alternative salt group showed the four groups’ shelf life was 17.5days, 17.6days, 16.9days, 15.7 days in room temperature, and 189d, 208d, 142d, 146d in low temperature. During storage, the tenderness of the four ham sausages firstly became better and then became bad with the storage time extending, MTG can enhance the gel strength of cold ham, the alternative salt group show structure changes in long storage, which is not conducive to product preservation. Detected by PCR method, the products after storaging for one month at low temperatures showed no bacteria, indicating the use of alternative salt in ham will not cause pathogenic-bacteria to grow or reproduce in the safe time.

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