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Synthesis and Photoelectrical Properties of Ferroceneylethynyl Derivants

Author ZhaoYan
Tutor LiHaiTao
School Hunan Normal University
Course Polymer Chemistry and Physics
Keywords Ferrocene acetylene compounds Molecular wires Sonogashira coupling reaction Optoelectronic properties Self-assembly Electrocatalysis
CLC O627.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Linear conjugated structure of the molecule leads to build molecular electronics devices important component unit having a certain rigidity of the ferrocene acetylenic compound has good electrochemical properties , by appropriate functional modifications can be used as molecular wires . In this thesis the synthesis, characterization and photovoltaic performance in several ferrocene acetylene compounds some of the work , the main contents are as follows: acylation , Friedel - diazotization , and Sonogashira coupling reactions and gradually coupling growth method, design and synthesis of the following three types of functional ferrocene acetylenic molecular wires compound : (1) end of as acetyl mercapto group or a methylthio group , and the other end the ferrocene ethynyl ferrocene acetylene thiophenol (2) one end of the derivatives; ferrocenyl acetylene group at one end is amino ferrocene ethynyl aniline derivatives ; (3) one end of ferrocene acetylene group at one end for benzoic ferrocene acetylene benzoic acid derivatives . Second, the above compound characterization of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy and mass spectrometry to determine its structure . The three new ferrocene acetylene compounds optical and electrochemical properties of spectroscopy and electrochemical studies of the target compounds . Three kinds of functional ferrocene acetylenic molecular wires UV and fluorescence spectrometry of the compound : The results showed that these compounds in an organic solvent , has good UV absorption , fluorescence properties are generally poor ; cyclic voltammetry experiments showed that these compounds in acetonitrile - lithium perchlorate solution has a reversible redox peaks , corresponding to the Fc / Fc peak ; modified gold electrodes through molecular wires assembled with the sulfatide base and methylthio compounds of biological molecules the catalytic oxidation study found : the compound molecular wires with the sulfatide base and methylthio compounds rutin have good electro-catalytic oxidation ; complexes prepared pot legal system through research ferrocene acetylene amines and graphene modified the electrode electrocatalytic oxidation of small biomolecules : the complex electrocatalytic activity of dopamine .

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