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Characteristics for Shanxi Furniture Art of Qing Dynasty

Author DongJie
Tutor KongFuAn
School Shanxi University
Course Archaeology and Museology
Keywords Shanxi Furniture Arts Features Process feature
CLC J525.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Categories of Chinese classical art, furniture and art certainly is a practical as one of the most representative one. Covered furniture, furniture for the image of thousands of Jin, or the compliance of Ming, or easy to pass on, elegant comfort, both co-existence, with its profound cultural background and artistic style are collectors commendable. Shanxi is the birthplace of Chinese culture, one of the Yellow River, Shanxi cultural cohesion for the furniture Jin was born in this yellow ground, through inheritance, evolution, development, and formed its own unique style. Jin for furniture by collecting relevant information that the three schools with widely known for furniture, Beijing for the Soviet Union than for furniture and Jin make furniture as China antique furniture is another important branch of school, both in cultural relics, archeology, Collectors or antique market has attracted people’s attention, but more in-depth study in more detail for the furniture not commence Jin.With the regional economic development in Shanxi, Shanxi Favorites market gradually prospered. Jin gradually in recent years for furniture favored by the general public, the price for its collection because of "scarcity"and has steadily increased. In the "Add hot " trend, Shanxi Province, Shanxi for furniture museum treasures gradually increased, while the authenticity of the antique market filled with furniture. After read the information and site visits, Shinsaku research emphasis on the collection of knowledge furniture, furniture design, etc., to make furniture in Shanxi have been more a lack of basic research. In this paper, based on the results of previous studies, through the typological method, Jin Ming and Qing Dynasties carried out basic research to make furniture, furniture made to explore the definition of the Ming and Qing Jin, origin and development, distribution and circulation, as well as material characteristics, type style and process characteristics Content, to more systematically to do the Ming and Qing Jin to make furniture for basic research, to a certain extent, the museum Shinsaku furniture collections research, and Shinsaku furniture collection information, and announced the furniture to some extent a symbol of regional economic and cultural development, Continues the history of regional characteristics and cultural heritage, to show Shinsaku furniture unique artistic charm, promote Shanxi Shanxi to make furniture out of the cultural connotation of diffraction purposes.

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