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Primary and secondary school students in Thailand Chinese finals Deviance and teaching strategies

Author YangLiFang
Tutor WengYanZuo
School Central University for Nationalities
Course Chinese International Education
Keywords Thai students Finals bias Error Analysis Teaching Countermeasures
CLC G639.336
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The Chinese of voice teaching their voice Thai students in the past bias phenomenon provides an important reference for the teaching of Thai Chinese speech, but these studies whether to play an equally important role in the teaching of primary and secondary school students in Thailand Chinese voice is still a unknown. We know that education must be from childhood, the sooner the better. Therefore, we need for primary and secondary students, dedicated to the investigation and get to the bottom, and make contributions to the Chinese voice teaching for primary and secondary school students in Thailand. Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, voice teaching perspective, the initial stage is the most important, if the students do not have to be a good voice teaching, or students develop incorrect speech habits, it will affect the future of voice learning and language communication. Han Thai belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language, sound, rhyme, tone and language pieced together. The two languages ??have in common difference. These similarities and differences may give Thailand primary and secondary school students learning Chinese finals bring help, may also become the voice of primary and secondary school students learning Chinese in Thailand obstacles. Bias theory in the theory of comparative analysis, interlanguage theory based on the full sample collection the Thai voice vowel system and Chinese voice Vowel System and make a comparison to identify the voice similarities and differences of the two languages. Observed the teaching of primary and secondary school Chinese Speech in Thailand, and to investigate the characteristics of the students of the Chinese speech, to investigate and describe the steps as far as possible according to the theory of bias. On this basis, cognitive psychology and linguistics from the start, and in-depth analysis of the 'Acquisition of Chinese primary and middle school students in Thailand voice finals bias, explore the primary and secondary school students in Thailand Chinese speech finals bias teaching countermeasures. The first chapter reviews the preliminary results of the finals of the Thai people to learn the pronunciation errors of research, introduced the theoretical basis of this thesis and research methods. Chapter II by Han Thai vowels contrast, to explore the characteristics of Han Thai voice vowel, to observe the status of teaching primary and secondary schools in Thailand Chinese speech and language materials for the next step to seek partial mistake causes. Chapter III through the investigation Thailand the Chinese finals characteristics of the primary and secondary school students and Chinese standard pronunciation differences, comparative analysis of primary and secondary school students in Thailand in the acquisition process of Chinese vowels Phonetic Errors, bias classification tags, description and analysis. Explore the primary and secondary school students in Thailand, the acquisition the Chinese vowels process in voice bias reasons. Chapter IV for Thai pupils finals partial mistakenly, to explore possible solutions and teaching countermeasures. Its own proposals for the future of teaching. The fifth chapter describes the research paper pointed out the inadequacies of the existing papers.

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