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Risk Assessment & Spatial Distribution of Soil Nutrients and Heavy Metal in Fenhe Reservoir Surrounding

Author ShiWei
Tutor ZhangHong
School Shanxi University
Course Ecology
Keywords Soil nutrient Soil heavy metal Spatial interpolation Hakanson ecology risk assessment
CLC S158
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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This article takes as its object to study soil environment quality of Fenhe reservoir peripheral, within which the branch catchment area is designated as the region for study. The target indexes measured in laboratory contains as follows:Soil nutrient element nitrogen, the soil entire phosphorus, the fast-acting phosphorus, the soil organism as well as five kinds of heavy metal element. After obtaining the element level in the soil, we will unify TM the remote sensing image, the topographic diagram, local annual statistics and so on, thus establishing its regional analytical statistics database. Evaluation of soil environmental quality around the Fenhe Reservoir, to protect the health of the regional human life, the importance of harmonious development of society is important.Using the GIS platform statistical module, we finished the statistical analysis of different attributes of the studied region.; using the Erdas remote sensing phantom interpretation function to the TM phantom to obtain its land utilization data; using the landscape ecology evaluating indicator, we conclude the present situation of land utilization within the Fenhe reservoir peripheral; using the Hakanson ecology risk index assessment method, we finished the appraisal of its regional soil ecological environment. Based on these data, we aim at proposing reservoir soil environment present situation to propose the environmental management countermeasure.This article obtains the following conclusions:1)with the leading landscape pattern of the region land utilization type based on the agriculture, according to the cultivated land degree of fragmentation target, we can see that the human factors have big influences on its distribution; 2) the soil nutrient element content of Fen River reservoir peripheral is in the medium level, in which the density average value of fast-acting phosphorus is 11.79mg/kg, with the maximum value achieving 22.241mk/kg. This content has certain influence on the soil environment of this region. In addition, five kinds of heavy metal content in soil is lower than the background value of soil element in the Shanxi Province, and is lower than the national soil quality specification, which illustrate that the soil environment of declare area is good; 3) Kriging interpolation method of statistics is suitable for interpolation simulation of the regional soil nutrient elements, and the heavy metal element. After parameter adjustment, The options to achieve the desired variation function prediction accuracy can be best 4) the regional soil heavy metal single factor and the synthesis factor measure results showed that the heavy metal pollution degree is Cr, Ni, Zn, Cu, Pb from high to low. But looking from its density and the exceeding standard, the soil heavy metal pollution is not serious in the region for study, and the soil quality is good, only the Cr exceed the allowed figure in certain individual position, and has surpassed the primary standard of the National Soil Environmental Quality Standard; 5) using the Hakanson ecology risk exponential method, we carries on the ecology risk assessment of soil in the Fen River reservoir peripheral, and the study finally demonstrate that Heavy metal pollution in the study area is in a relatively low level. This is consistent with the positioning of ecological functions Reservoir; 6) Based on the environmental status soil in Fen River reservoir, we proposed the Fen River upstream of the inlet wetlands project, the northwest and southwest Coastal Shelterbelt project, The western extension zone riparian ecological engineering.

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