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On Connection in a Passage to India from a Cultural Geographical Perspective

Author WangKang
Tutor YaoPeiZhi
School Hunan Normal University
Course European Language and Literature
Keywords Foster Trip to India Link Cultural Geography
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Links has been an important theme in Forster, which is in place novel \This article from the perspective of cultural geography, \The papers selected three different types of places in the novel, explore its cultural implications, in order to reveal the reasons for the failure of the novel association and Foster utopian join. In the use of cultural geography perspective to analyze site reflects the ideology, place a sense of place identity to expand the study of the culture of the place. Take this perspective this paper from living space money Deplat, novel, the natural space Panamazonia cave and religious space mosques and temples cultural significance expand research links the theme of \This article includes introduction, body and conclusion. The Introduction section provides an overview of this work in the research status, purpose of this study and the methods used. The text is divided into three chapters. The first chapter around the living space money Deplat in the British Indian nation geographically separated and psychological barriers to analyze the reasons for the failure of interpersonal links. Geographical features two the Indian city money Deplat, Anglo-Indian national living in the center and the edge of a reflection of the cultural space in the city is a British colonists control and split. Bypass gathering held in the the British colonists separate genus club on the tennis court, by analyzing contrast the British colonists and the Indian sense of the place, reflecting the ethnocentrism of British colonists and Indians national inferiority complex. Chapter II demonstrated by analyzing the different feelings of Adela and Mrs. mole, this natural landscape the Panamazonia cave cross-cultural barriers in order to reveal the reasons for the failure of East-West cultural links. The cave of Panamazonia symbolizes the center of Indian culture. In the face of chaos, a mysterious cave, rational Adela can not understand, which caused the confusion of her identity and marriage with of Ronnie no love at all, resulting in her irrational in a cave the hallucinations. Destroy Christian values ??because Mrs. Moore Christian faith limitations cave can echo her into a state of nothingness, cause her beliefs crisis. Chapter of the two religions around the mosques and temples space analysis, reveal the ideology of freedom and equality, respectively, showing Islam and Hinduism preach universal love, a way to express Foster utopian concept of coupling. In harmony mosque, Aziz found the home of the soul, to complete the connection between the body and soul; the mole lady with Aziz established friendship symbol of Islam and Christianity links. In the temple, the black day Krishnaism Conference demonstrated the all-inclusive universal love, to eliminate the difference of the living world and the inanimate world, reached the links of all things. Foster links in religious space constructed destined to be short-lived, beyond the utopian politics and power links. The concluding section of this article pointed out: \The conversion of this place not only has a geographical sense, it forms a symbolic sense of space conversion: from the political, cultural space of power steering the liberal humanism view links show non-political, non-realistic utopia.

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