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Design and Implementation of 16 Bit Battery on Line Monitor Based on LPC2368

Author LiangBo
Tutor ZhangXiuJuan
School Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course Circuits and Systems
Keywords LPC2368 On-Line Monitor Distinguishability operation amplifier
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Due to the disadvantage of expensive price of the high accuracy analog to digital conversion chip, made it hard to use in low cost analog signal detecting products. This design take advantage of the hardware features of the LPC2368, as it has 10 bit ADC and the 10 bit DAC, at the same time, combine with the analog component, such as the operational amplifier, designed a kind of multi-channel voltage detecting instrument with 16 bit distinguishability and able to measure 24 channels, and the space of time for detecting can be set by software program, realized the purpose of low cost and high distinguishability.In this thesis, what we do is summarized as below:First, according to project design requirement, we developed the battery on line monitorr embedded hardware system based on LPC2368; secondly, we collect and divide the voltage and temperature signal by analog circuit, and use MAX308 precision 8-channel high-performance CMOS analog multiplexers to select different channel, then send the voltage or temperature analog signal to the differential operation amplifier circuit, at last send the output signal of the operational amplifier circuit to the analog-digital converter in LPC2368; again, we will research and optimize the voltage and temperature detection algorithms, and verify whether the algorithms are correct under ARM Developer suite v1.2 Programming environment, using C language. For the special hardware architecture of ARM chips, we will transplant algorithms which have been verified on the PC, download the code to the RAM, and debug every module’s function separately, test and verify whether every function work correct; at last, write the code which has been verified on the hardware platform to the Flash.Experimental results show that the various parts of the system work properly, the voltage detection error is less then 4mV, the interval to detect the voltage and temperature can be set by software program, GSM module works normally, it can send and receive alarm short message according to the set conditions; the camera can take a photograph as soon as meet the trigger condition, and save it in SD card. The system achieved the expected design requirements; we have done the basic research work for the further development of the battery voltage detection system.

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