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Self-destruction in the Mirror: A Lacanian Psychoanalysis of Death of A Salesman

Author FengYuJun
Tutor LiuZuo
School Xi'an International Studies University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman Jacques Lacan Psychological analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Arthur Miller ( 1915-2005 ) is one of the three most distinguished dramatist in the United States , and the United States after World War II , the most important one of the two playwrights . His plays usually involve social moral , personal conscience , guilt and sense of responsibility . The parent-child relationship has become the focus of his plays often show the parent - child conflict is a recurrent theme . This Miller's masterpiece , \Critics from many theoretical guidance of Marxism , cultural studies its analysis interpretation , however , interpreted from the perspective of psychoanalysis Lacan 's mirror three-stage theory to explore the hero of tragedy is still relatively rare . In this article, I will Lacan mirror Theories of interpret this timeless works . From a psychoanalytic point of view , the to show humans due to the the narcissistic nature shackles formed in the mirror stage , at the height of the alienation of the capitalist world painful pursuit of narcissistic ideal image , due to serious mistake Imaginary ideal self and symbolic misleading as popular in a very biased values ??, the face of the serious flaws in the mercenary business world do not know where to go , so self - deception and intoxicate themselves in order to self-comforting , strong narcissism and humble self-esteem to be the hero to the weight of endangered crash , which hit Willie tragic --- way to commit suicide to end his subjectivity also terminated the desire to continue to slide , so that was able to meet with his mother and natural combination of desire and back to the real world , the main desire to pursue a strong tension release forever . Based on Lacan's mirror three-stage theory, readers will be acutely aware of the real causes of the mistake in the mirror is the hero Willy Loman life tragedy .

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