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Network ecological shaping of individual self-image from the sight of semiotics

Author BoYanMin
Tutor LiuYang
School Zhejiang University of Technology
Course Communication
Keywords Self - image building Symbolic interaction Dramatic Theory Research Impression Formation Identity
CLC G206
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Modern social context, the influence of the network society lies not only in the public domain, the greater the impact of the private sphere, the major changes in the mode of production make people's lives. The network is composed by countless individuals. The diverse activities of the individuals in the network reflects the use of individual diversified demands of individuals engaged in network activities psychological motivation to find a sense of social belonging, and its deep psychological motivation is shaping the self-image needs. The network new space cooperation and self-fashioning and may provide for the individual. Through reading and many original classic literature, questionnaires, individual interviews and case studies combining research methods, with a focus on individual self-image shaping network ecosystem, combining Ferdinand de Saussure means \answer the two questions: first, seek individual network ecosystem is how the interpersonal relationships, and how to develop and maintain such a relationship; Second, individuals how cyberspace self-presentation of self The image of the building. The study found that the majority of individuals believe that the importance of the network, like the air, the network is a more realistic self-presentation. Network communication beyond time and space constraints, so living in different time periods, the distance of the individual is able to establish and maintain contact. Network dissemination, the individual mainly through language into the true depth of self-presentation, and shaping the self-image of the following four ways: one, by the timing of the recording, presented to individuals for a long period of time from the point to dynamic surface by surface development to comprehensive three-dimensional changes in order to maintain a complete sense of self, in the self-build a comprehensive, thoughts or external manifestation of the personality to become the sign of the difference between the individual and others; Second, the construction of the self-image presents the content and the way individuals consciously choose \the other side to accept the idealized self-image; interaction with each other in the formation of identity relations. On the basis of this study found that the network ecological shaping of individual self-image to the conclusion of the authenticity, integrity and depth development.

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