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College-graduate Village Official with Its Personnel Training for the Enlightenment

Author AiZuoJing
Tutor ZhangZongXin
School Shandong University of Technology
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords college students "village official" the new rural construction College education Talent cultivation
CLC G649.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The construction of socialist new countryside, it is the fifth plenary session of the major decisions made in the process of modernization in China, is the major historic task. Village office to the hiring of college graduates is an important decision, which is the party central committee promote the construction of new socialist countryside.College-graduate village official hiring of spontaneous stage of exploration work which called Young eagle project began in Xuzhou of Jiangsu Province since 1995. In 2008, the party central committee from training successors to the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and made the height of the village office to the hiring of college graduates, marking an important decision appointing college-graduate village official working into comprehensive test stage. College-graduate village official is to point to in all levels of government policy guidance, to grassroots rural credentials the exercise as village party branch secretary of respectively, assistant, assistant director of the village committee, of college graduates. Now the country has about 20 million college-graduate village official struggle in the construction of new countryside in the first line, they drive rural economic growth, optimizing the structure of rural cadres for rural cadres, inject vigor, alleviate the youth employment pressure, deepen and mass feelings, to help the college students’growing success by favorable aspects of the role.College-graduate village official practice main achievements of the work, including promoting rural economic development, promoting rural grassroots organizations optimization, promoting college graduates career success, promote new rural construction of harmonious society, etc. But, in made remarkable achievements of in the meantime also has some problems, which include college-graduate village official identity fuzzy, post difficulty rooted bias motivation of rural, post after the expiration of the treacherous, etc. The reasons of the existence of these questions except related policies and law construction lag, the countryside actual situation relative complex besides, mainly exists in college-graduate village official aspects of their own talents training in colleges and universities. More specifically, causing the inadequacy of college students themselves is mainly caused by the employment values don’t decently, college students’personality characteristics, the knowledge structure of rural actual, practice work not lack the abilities, etc.; Cause university talents training in reason has the current of the inadequacy of the education of ideological and political theory with practical disjointed, don’t pay attention to professional knowledge and related disciplines, and the links between the cultivating their innovative ability is not strong enough, college talent orientation exist biased, etc.Higher education undertaking the new rural construction service’s historical mission, shoulder for the new rural reconstruction the responsibility of cultivating talents needed. College-graduate village official hiring problems emerging in the work of higher education talent cultivation of puts forward new requirements. Universities should cultivate new rural construction required qualified college-graduate village official, importance should be attached to the ideological and political education work for college students’village official guide the ideological and political education, deeply implement the guiding thought, insist on education and develop national education of patriotism, and guide students to set up the correct values of employment, pay great attention to the ideological and political theory course combining with practice; Should pay attention to the comprehensive ability training; college-graduate village official Should vigorously develop students’village officials continue education; Should promote college students village officer training mode innovation in higher education college-graduate village official, change the ideas, set up "school training to joint" model to develop students’village officials characteristic training; Should strengthen college students’innovative ability, and guide students to village officials correctly understand innovative status and role, actively promote college-graduate village official technology, knowledge and cultural innovation, pay attention to the cultivation of non-intellectual factors college-graduate village official; Should also pay attention to the cultivation of non-intellectual factors college-graduate village official, actively establish college-graduate village official information feedback platform, on campus, build marxist website, popularization and full college students about the party’s theory, principles, policies and other intellectual, in addition, through academic lectures, seminars, posters positive forms of increasing to college-graduate village official propaganda work.

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