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Millimeter wave proximity fuze front-end T / R module

Author DengYang
Tutor YuMengXia
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Radio Physics
Keywords Proximity fuze Millimeter wave T / R module AGC Signal-to-noise ratio
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the development of modern military technology , the important role of the millimeter-wave radar systems in military applications is becoming increasingly prominent. Proximity fuze as a core part of modern weapons and equipment , by the world 's military attaches great importance . FMCW advantage due to its inherent characteristics , the proximity fuze ranging system become an important work . In accordance with the requirements of the project indicators , the paper by the correlation analysis of the components of the system gain and noise figure , developed a millimeter wave the proximity fuze front-end T / R component design , focus on solving the small signal input ( -88dBm to - 44dBm ) high output signal-to-noise ratio (≥ 14dB) , and large dynamic range automatic gain control (44dB) three design , debug and difficult . The module circuit is divided into reception branch , transmission branch , the automatic gain control circuit and a power supply circuit of four parts . Wherein the automatic gain control circuit to the scaling circuit with the transistor collector and emitter resistor between the base voltage of a voltage-controlled variable characteristics combined , preferably to achieve a large dynamic range of the automatic gain control . Finally, after the T / R module circuit processing and assembly and test . The results show that the developed T / R components transmit signal power greater than 15.46dBm, the the receiving tributary output power output signal-to-noise ratio is greater than 14dB , output power greater than 10dBm .

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