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Research on Reconfigurable and Circular Polarized Fractal Microstrip Antenna

Author WeiYinSheng
Tutor LiuShaoBin
School Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords Fractal Miniaturization Reconfigurable Circularly polarized
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the development of science and technology, the growing demand for wireless communication, the increasingly stringent requirements on the antenna module. Modern antenna design there are three hot issues: miniaturized, reconfigurable and circularly polarized. These problems and propose practical solutions to meet the objective needs of the engineering applications. Fractal structure is applied to microstrip antenna design, simulation and experimental study carried out to solve the antenna miniaturization, frequency reconfigurable antenna circular polarization. The contents of this article include three main elements: first, two based on the fractal structure miniaturized microstrip antenna design. First, the design of a Koch curve fractal antenna miniaturization, the four sides of the patch antenna order Koch curve, center nested triangular slotted. In the case of the same patch edge length, the lowest resonant frequency of the antenna is reduced to about 4.6GHz 1GHz near. Simulation and testing, the antenna has basically reached the design requirements. Secondly, the design of another fractal slits open The Third Order crosshair-shaped slit, slit coupled with fractal self similar characteristics to make the antenna resonance frequency to low frequency offset to achieve the miniaturization of the microstrip antenna, the center of the patch antenna. . After simulation, a patch side length of the same premise, the cross fractal slot antenna allows the antenna resonant frequency reduce from 2.7GHz to 1.2GHz, miniaturization effect. Second, the design of a reconfigurable microstrip antenna based cross fractal. By a cross fractal self-similarity, the antenna easy access to multi-frequency characteristics. The larger the volume of the original cross fractal, after the analysis of the current FIG, resection cross fractal antenna on the upper half portion, to achieve the effect of miniaturization. Finally, in the cross fractal peripheral third order minor load shorted microstrip line can be reconfigurable effect. On the basis of the analysis of simulation, the frequency reconfigurable cross fractal antenna for processing. After testing, the antenna load short-circuit microstrip line render dual-band characteristics presented after loading single-frequency characteristics, frequency reconfigurable. Third, a first-order Koch fractal dual-band circularly polarized antenna design. Open annular groove of the two sides perpendicular to each other on the floor opening cross slit, the center of the antenna, using the coupling aperture slit circular polarization of the method to achieve the high-frequency point; four sides of the Koch curve of the antenna may be such that the antenna at the lower resonant frequency of resonance, and coaxial probe fed circular polarization effect of the low-frequency point. Thus, the antenna achieved an overall frequency circular polarization effect. Antenna at 2.42GHz and 6.53GHz showed a good circular polarization characteristics.

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