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Preliminary Study of Tomato Transformation with Soybean Genome DNA by Low Energy Ion Beam Implantation

Author LiXinWei
Tutor DuanHongYing
School Henan Normal
Course Genetics
Keywords Tomato Ion beam Soybean DNA Germination rate Agronomic characters Fruit quality
CLC S641.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Tomatoe is one of important vegetables, and its cultivated area belongs to the first in the world. Compared with tomato from foreign, the average yield of tomato in China still lower than the foreign average level, it is weak to strengthen independent resources innovation of tomato, and need to increase the germplasm resource improved. In this article, the factors such as mutagenesis elements, the dose, the DNA soaking were researched and bulk specific mutants materials were analyzed to explore the discipline of ion beam inducing tomatoe, and provide new materials and basis for tomato breeding. Main results are as follows:1. Compared with contrast, germination rate of ion beam injection and ion mediated transformation DNA tomato seed is low, in which the effect fo N+ is lower than Ar+ , and effects of ion doses in 1-4 x 1017ions /㎝ 2 was not different. But the major factor influenceing speed of seed germination is the time for seed soaked in DNA solution, and the germination of seed soaked for 10h in DNA solution is fastest, however the effect of soaking time on seed germination rate is less.2. The leaf POD activity of Ion beam injection and ion mediated transformation DNA tomato were significantly higher than the contrast, in which, POD activity of N+ injection transformation Japan Big Grain’s DNA is the highest (19.65 U/min/g), as controlled 3.364 times. Compare wtin Ar+ injection, N+ injection comes into being better results, the effect of 2 x 1017ions/cm2 injection doses is better than that of 4 x 1017ions /㎝2, and especially remarkable in N+ injection aspects. The 10h immersion time in DNA solution is best, POD activity of tomato soaked in Full-length DNA is less than DNA fragments, and POD activity of one plant is extremely high, achieve 113.68 U/min/g which is controlled 19.46 times.3.Compared with contrast, the leaves soluble protein content of ion implantation and ion mediated transformation DNA tomato is higher, the leaves protein content of tomato treated with 2 x 1017ions/cm2 dose is higher than 4 x 1017ions/㎝2, and it is higher in N+ than Ar +. In addition, leaves soluble protein content of tomato soaked in DNA soltuion for 10h is the thighest, and the treatment effect of full-length DNA is better than DNA fragments.4. The plant height, fruit number, shape and growth cycle all were influenced by the Ion injected or ion mediated transformation DNA, and compared with Ar+, the effect of N+ is beeter, especially in flowering time and fruit shape, some plants ahead into the flowering for one week, and some plants delay three weeks into the flowering.5.Compared with contrast, the content on fruit protein, Vc, sugar of ion beam injection and ion mediated transformation DNA all improved but the acid content reduced. The content on ash of Ion implantation and Ar + mediated transformation with Precocious NO.2 DNA is higher than the contrast, but the other treatment group is lower than the contrast. However, the difference on content of moisture between the contrast and the treatment group is very small. In addition, compared with contrast, the sugar-acid proportions of fruit from ion beam injection is very low, but the interactions of N+, Ar+ with DNA from different soybean, sugar-acid proportions of tomato fruit is different.

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