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Omitted phenomenon in the Sino-Japanese Subtitles Translation from the Perspective of Relevance Theory

Author WengLuXia
Tutor MengQingRong
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Subtitles Translation Omission Relevance Theory
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Chinese subtitles Chinese audience appreciation and understanding of the Japanese animated film works as a bridge language barriers between the audience across the original lines, play a vital role in subtitle translation quality problems, but the audience there is a lot of controversy. Thus, the film gradually subtitle translation translation researchers are concerned about the research perspective. The thesis Subtitles omitted phenomenon as the starting point, based on the the relevance theory translation application point of view, Chinese subtitles and Japanese lines in the Japanese animated film omitted an Analysis examines. Audience reason to think that the The Chinese subtitles amount of information than full Japanese lines, including one of the important reasons that the Chinese subtitles omit or compress the contents of the original lines. However, the audience translator for what purpose or reason for these omitted; omitted when the corresponding standards do not quite understand, the subtitle translation controversy even misunderstood emerged. Based on the above, the papers examine classification of content and method, explicitly omitted omitted in the Japanese movie Chinese subtitles on the basis of their tendency to preliminary analysis, the last from the angle occurred the Chinese subtitles relevance omitted size occurred omitted analyze the causes. Relevance Theory is a theory to explain the way of human communication, is widely used in various research areas. Relevance Theory of Translation, translation should be in considering the basis of the target language audience, the audience has the best correlation of the target languages ??of the target language. To determine the size of the association by the cognitive effects cognitive cost ratio, that is, the greater the effect of cognitive translation, the the audience target cognitive lower cost, the greater the relevance of the translations. Based on this view, the Japanese movie Chinese subtitle translation process, the translator must consider how to achieve the best balance subtitles cognitive effect with Chinese audiences cognitive cost to obtain the maximum correlation. The thesis is divided into four parts: the first part of the three angles from the translation omitted, movie subtitle translation and associated theory summarizes prior studies, based on research perspectives and innovative point of this paper, and research purposes and methods; relevant outcomes based on prior studies, collected omitted sentences detailed classified and Statistics; Part III asked the size of the association point of view of the various types of the omitted sentences omitted reason analysis; final part of oriented paper concludes. The conclusion of this paper is mainly from the subtitle translation omitted classification tendency and reasons summarize and draw, specifically: 1) the omission in the Sino-Japanese subtitles can be then divided into fully deleted and partially deleted detailed classification; 2) regardless of which works are fully delete representing partially deleted and comprehensive delete touched parts of speech, partial deletion of unimportant information omitted instance is more common than any other class; 3) Chinese subtitles type omitted does not meet the Chinese audience language cognitive environment, can not or a smaller cognitive effects audience, audience cognitive cost reduction, which omitted or are intended to ensure Subtitles stronger correlation.

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