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Study on the Changes of Biogenic Amines in Chilled Pork during Storage

Author XuZhen
Tutor ZhouGuangHong
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Of Food Science
Keywords Chilled meat Biogenic amines HPLC Correlation
CLC TS251.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The growth of contaminated microorganisms that lead to the spoilage product has been become the great barrier for producer during processing,transportation and preservation,and the meat safety was the most attention problem for consumer.Biogenic amines are toxic substances and can be used as an quality index of foods.We can enhance and improve the quality and safety of foods by investigating the relationship between changes of biogenic amines and storage time in meat products.This article optimized the method for determination of biogenic amines by reverse phase-high performance liquid chromatogram in chilled pork.On the basis of the method,the changes of biogenic amines in chilled pork stored in different temperatures and temperature fluctuation were analyzed and relations with traditional quality index were also studyed.The main results are as follows:The method of simultaneously detecting the contents of biogenic amines in chilled pork by RP-HPLC was developed in Chapter one.Samples were extracted by 0.4 mol/L HClO4,and then derived using dansyl chloride.The mobile phase was a gradient elution program with a binary mixture of acetonitrile and water.The flow rate was 1mL/min. Fluorescence detector was applied with Ex 340nm and Em 515nm.Results show a good separation of eight biogenic amines(tryptamine、β-phenylethylamine、putrescine、cadaverine、histamine、tyramine、spermidine、spermine) within 25 min.It is linear over the range of concentrations between 0.5 and 20μg/mL(R2>0.99).The average recovery ranged from 82.43%to 97.14%for all amines.The RSDs were less than 10%.Changes of biogenic amines during storage in different temperatures(3±1℃and 8±1℃) and relations with other quality index were studied.Pearson correlation coefficient was used to analyze the correlation between different indexes.The results showed that higher temperature(8±1℃) may accelerate the growth of microorganisms during constant temperature storage.Tryptamine,putrescine,cadaverine,tyramine have significant relations with total aerobic bacterial counts,pH and TVBN(P<0.01).The content of cadaverine was higher than putrescine.The relations between biogenic amines and traditional quality index were further studied in fluctuated temperature.The results showed that the content of Tryptamine, putrescine,cadaverine,tyramine have significant relations with total aerobic bacterial counts,pH,and TVBN(P<0.01).

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