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Research and Implementation of Ceipfs: A Distributed File System

Author PengLong
Tutor ZhangChunYuan
School National University of Defense Science and Technology
Course Computer Science and Technology
Keywords Document Management CeipFS Distributed File System Digital Campus
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid development of network technology, Web 2.0 technology has been widely used to generate large amounts of data in a digital campus, most of the data stored in traditional file system to file the form. With the continuous progress of the construction of digital campus, when the number of documents and visits rose sharply, the traditional file system has become the bottleneck of the Web application. Distributed File System effectively solve the problem of mass storage and high concurrent access, file storage services have been successful for many Web 2.0 applications. Distributed file system has become a hot research in digital campus. Campus file storage status quo for the digitization, research has distributed file system technology and design the CeipFS distributed file systems, file solved the problem of unified management and reliable storage, access and safety for reliable storage of a large number of small files optimized. The main work of this paper include the following aspects: (1) the characteristics of digital campus file storage, design the CeipFS distributed file system framework. Dispersed storage and flat organization through metadata, to accelerate the speed of file access. Dynamic expansion based on the registration and reporting mechanism. Special optimized for small file storage, concurrent access can effectively deal with a large number of small files. Key technologies and system optimization measures. By the user block technology to solve the problem of multi-user storage, balancing and capacity of the system to read and write a balanced technology, a copy of consistency and cache coherency problem. By quickly remove technical and savings reporting mechanism to further improve the performance of the system. Based the TFS (Taobao File System) to achieve prototype systems CeipFS. Password authentication method based on Hwang-Li method was designed and implemented on the basis of the TFS. By contrast experiments to prove the efficiency of the method, user authentication without a password table. Users block technology to improve the user's authorization granularity in addressing the illegal access, improve efficiency. 4 the CeipFS digital campus discussion and analysis. The files are stored in the information system application scenarios, the proposed solutions by CeipFS filter and download components, application of CeipFS becomes simple.

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