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Study of Escape Load Influence on Concrete Frame Structure Safety

Author YaoLi
Tutor FuGuangYao
School Chang'an University
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Safety “Escape load” Frame reinforcement Crack width
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The load value of structural and load combination related to the safety of structure and people’s lives and property. There is a big difference between our country and foreigner in load design specification. The load value in standard of live load of our country is lower a lot than foreigner in the minimum load, especially in evacuation unit of building, comparing with the load design specifications of the United States can be found, the minimum requirement of live load of the United States is universal much higher than our country’s, especially in people-intensive areas such as corridors, staircases, balconies, foyers, the value is twice than our country’s. As we don’t take into the emergency situations that the live load exceeds the standard value. Moreover, on the whole the standard of safety set of our country is much lower than similar foreign norms such as the bearing capacity of structural, the solid of structure and the durability etc.In this paper the representative live load codes of China and America are introduced and compared. Through the research on architectural fire design and the people’s behavior when fire, on the basis of the queue, establishing the evacuation model of corridor unit, in comparison with live load at home and abroad, put forward the concept of "escape load ".Based on the discussion above, using SAP2000 program, established two typical concrete frame structure models, calculated structure in the normal circumstances, corridor’s "escape load" are 4KN/m2, 5KN/m2, 6KN/m2. Get the structure internal force, theory reinforcement, and crack width, also comparing with normal circumstances. The results showed that:in the role of“escape load”, the moment of control section grows obviously, can not be ignored. Theoretical reinforcement is also a linear growth.Crack width exceeds the permitted norms value, Seriously affected the safety and durability of the building structure.Finally getting relevant conclusions through these studies above. Make recommendations on live load in future structural design and how to reduce the crack. And have a outlook at the future adjustment of security setting.

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