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A Study on Transitional Space between Inside and Outside in Traditional Chinese Style Dwelling Houses

Author GaoXiHong
Tutor ZhangYuKun;ZhaoJianBo
School Tianjin University
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords transitional space local style dwelling houses entrance space courtyard space corridor space
CLC TU241.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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In China, the application of transitional space in the designing of traditionalChinese style dwelling houses has reached its stage of maturity. Transitional spaceindicates such spaces in traditional Chinese style dwelling houses as entrance,courtyard and corridors. Transitional space of traditional Chinese style dwellinghouses is similar to grey space in Western countries, which plays a role of connectingtwo or more spaces that are of different characters.Transitional spaces of traditional Chinese style dwelling houses shorten thedistance between Man and Nature, which reflects their harmony. The analysis oftransitional spaces of traditional Chinese style dwelling houses is not only beneficialto the understanding of the essence and connotation of transitional spaces fromvarious angels but also provides modern architects with reference. Therefore,research of transitional spaces of traditional Chinese style dwelling houses is ofsignificance.In this dissertation, the author conducts an analysis and research on transitionalspaces of traditional Chinese style dwelling houses from such angles as causes of theirformation, their functions and technical analysis. Moreover, the author probes intothe strong points and designing concepts of transitional spaces of traditional Chinesestyle dwelling houses.Firstly, the author briefly describes the transitional spaces of traditional Chinesestyle dwelling houses, analyzing and summarizing current situation of researches oftransitional spaces and/or grey spaces of local style dwelling houses at home andabroad. Based on those analysis and summary, the author studies the causes offormation and functions of transitional spaces of traditional style dwelling houses,points out the significance of transitional spaces in the designing of local styledwelling houses.Secondly, the author, by integrating theoretical analysis and on-the-spotinvestigation, compares and analyzes functions of such spaces as entrance space,courtyard space and corridor space, pointing out that their functions are of variousaspects and levels.Last but not least, from the angle of visual perception, the author applies suchmethods as ratio of width and height of section, control of angle of elevation of view and Webb’s Law in analyzing and researching the feeling of surrounding, changes oflines of vision and psychological perception of spaces.

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